Guts Get Deep Cleaned

Guts Get Deep Cleaned

We’ve seen plenty of guts before but this guy’s getting the 5 star treatment. It’s like a spa day for his organs…a little massage, some cleaning. There’s not many people who can say they’ve had their organs washed. My guess is he was stabbed but he doesn’t really look alive so this cleansing could all be for nothing. I’m always amazed at how rough people tend to be with injuries like this. I’d be yelling at that crazy hatted bitch to take it easy.

10 thoughts on “Guts Get Deep Cleaned

  1. A partial emergency laparotomy in an unsterile environment, probably looking for an injury to the intestines or mesenteric arteries to stop any bleeding from whatever opened him up. Gonna have to pull out everything inside the abdomen at the OR if he survives, find and repair any perforations to the intestines and blood vessels and clean out and sterilize all the crap that got in there. Without good antibiotics he’s a goner. GOMER

  2. Haha. Reminded me of my italian friends’ Dads smoking hams and sausages every year. God.. those were the days.!

    I was also looking at the vic’s cock a little too much wondering why a white guy’s cock could be so black .Then, i realised it was silver nitrate or some black tarry barrier- cream? Or urethral injury allowing too much blood to pool and /or bruise?

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