Tag That Image! #97

Hey hey. Happy Friday, Gorriors. Now try to tag that image! And check out last week’s winner HERE.


Well shiver me timbers, it’s Pop-Eyes the sailor man


Who lives in a pineapple under the sea?

“I’m not Captain Nemo or Ahab, I’m Barnacle Fucking Bob!”

Don’t look at yourself in a mirror after eating a rather large bag of mushrooms. I learned the hard way.

58 thoughts on “Tag That Image! #97

    • Barnacles and eels. You’ve got to love their symbiotic relationship!

      Eel: “You distract him while I eat his balls. I owe you one.”

      Barnacle: “Just leave the bones for me. There’s nothing like getting to chew on fresh human bones that still have bits and pieces on them and even better, the bone marrow…..Hurry up! I can’t wait!”

      Eel: “Okay, we will go on three! One, two, three! WHEEEEEE!” ZAP! ZAP!

      Barnacle and Eel: NOM, NOM, NOM.

        • @blucon Haha! Like the story about an “80 Year-Old Iranian Man, Smokes Animal Poop, Says He Hasn’t Bathed In 60 Years”. This piece of filth was smoking goat shit through an elbow of old piece galvanized plumbing pipe!

          • And of all the tales of tales that Iranian Man of a scumbag although smoked animal Poop sounds way too offish when he made a statement saying …..he hadn’t bathed In 60 Years of his wanking life ”. but what about the smoky tar shit ?he smoked his lungs out with and chewed on to ? ya think he never used the loo ?? Seems pretty exaggerated,
            bro @borntorun

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