Gas Station Fire

Gas Station Fire

Some people don’t deserve to be on this planet. This guy wins dumbass of the year award for trying to fuck shit up and fucking himself up in the process. He’s at a pump filling up a gas can but also casually spraying it around him like he’s watering a garden. Then, he lights a piece of paper on fire and doesn’t drop it or throw it in the gas puddle but gently places it in…genius. It’s like he had no clue that it was going to immediately burst into flames but did we really expect anything else? Since he was bent over his face as well as some of his body were hit with the flames and he had to kick off his firey shoes. Luckily, the gas station had a pretty quick system in place to immediately put out the fire. I bet dumbass wasn’t expecting that.

7 thoughts on “Gas Station Fire

  1. Too bad he didn’t slip and fall right into the fire for a few seconds.
    At least enough to send him running around like an idiot while trying to put himself out with his hands, I mean he deserved that much.

  2. This reminded me of a firefighting system I had to train on when I was in the Navy. It’s called Halon, and it’s extremely potent. The principal being that if a fire kicks off in a part of the ship that is likely to explode or significantly damage a sensitive area in the near vicinity, this Halon system kicks off and literally sucks all the oxygen out of the area. It works best in an enclosed space. But you better not have anything that needs to breathe in there because it’s gonna suffocate pretty quick. But hey, at least the ship doesn’t sink!

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