Fate Sucks

Fate Sucks

Fate can be such a bitch. Every day we wake up not knowing what’s going to happen and sometimes we have the unfortunate luck of being in the wrong place at the wrong time. Two women exit a vehicle and start walking down the road when suddenly a tree snaps and falls hitting both of them. The woman in white gets hit first but then the tree flips over and the trunk falls on the other woman. The truck on the other side of the road does hit it but it’s very light so that tree must’ve been pretty loose to begin with to fall so easily. The lady in yellow probably survived this one but I’m sure she’s gonna have one hell of a headache.

12 thoughts on “Fate Sucks

    • If that black car wasn’t there to absorb the entire follow through of impact, she’d definitely be a goner.
      Imagine if those high voltage wires got knocked down, they’re all lucky that didn’t happen.

  1. Seems like no place is anymore safe .
    Even with the right moves made with good intent , something keeps waiting to pounce and bounce your living daylights out.
    Quite weird though !! seconds before everything looked so calm and serene and little later the most unexpected happened .

  2. Wow !!! Definitely was not expecting that… Now my question is, was it fate or was it kismet ? there’s a big difference, only a slight difference in effect of course , was it meant to be? Or was it happenstance, wrong place at the wrong time…you can think that you have escaped death many times in your life but when death really comes for you it doesn’t miss.. it just wasn’t your time,. And always death can be heard quoting as he folds your little soul into his soul Satchel he uses especially to keep souls in… Yup right on time… That’s why classic drawings and paintings of death show death holding an hourglass

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