Dead Guy Has Messy Face

Dead Guy Has Messy Face

This guy was involved in an accident and got his pretty little face all messed up. There’s a river of blood, some body parts scattered about and then there’s the whole deflated look on his face. The biggest question I have though is what’s going on in the crotch area? Have the shorts conveniently hiked up or is he a happy dead guy? Looks pretty pokey on one side but maybe he had a pencil in his pocket. So many questions, so few answers.

8 thoughts on “Dead Guy Has Messy Face

  1. Weird. Post mortem erections are common, but only when blood can pool there. Usually when laying face down, although it also happens from hanging if the body is left long enough.

    I know that priapism can be a side effect of a spinal injury, so perhaps he lived long enough for that to occur?

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