Crossing The Street Fail

Crossing The Street Fail

Asians already had the reputation of being bad drivers but now it looks like we have to add bad street crossers to the list as well. I wonder if a stupid stunt like this brings dishonor to the family like failing a class does. A pedestrian tries to cross what looks to be a fairly busy street with buses and trucks going at higher speeds but he doesn’t even remotely make it. I’m thinking he was going for the suicide by car bit. He had to have seen the truck coming and it looks like he was going at an angle more at the truck instead of cutting straight across. If his plan was to get hit then he succeeded but if he was trying to get killed I think he failed. Although he was struck I’m not sure if it was hard enough to kill and the wheels ran over his legs. Maybe he only wanted a severe head injury and to lose the use of his legs. In that case, I think this was a huge success!!

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    • Yeah, it’s odd that somebody would be standing there recording since there was nothing extraordinary in the background.

      Unless…. it was a Parkour move that went bust… some dumb-ass thought he could do a Triple Lindy over the cab of that cement mixer. Guess he forgot to place his spring board; why he flinched at the last second.

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