Guy On Bike Runs Into Bus

Guy On Bike Runs Into Bus

This is a short video of an accident between two motorcyclists and a bus. One guy on a motorcycle is pulling out onto the road when another motorcyclist runs into him. This crash causes the second guy to run into the back of a parked bus. It looked like a pretty weak accident, one that someone would walk away from with a couple of injuries but a close up of the man at the back of the bus shows that he’s not doing so well. I don’t know if he’s dead or knocked out but as usual no one is jumping up to help. I guess he hit the bus in just the right way to fuck him up.

12 thoughts on “Guy On Bike Runs Into Bus

  1. The wheels of the biker go round and round. Hit biker number “two,” who got knocked down, but he sat back up, so he’s still around, all day long.

    The wheels of the biker kept going round and round, then he hit the bus, and oh what a sound, it’s the last breath he ever found, all day long.

    The bumper of the bus’s so happy he’s around. It was so excited for the new friend he found. It wished it could keep him stuck and bound, all day long.

    • @blucom Wait….Are you saying that there are cities where fast food places deliver???
      I live in such a small place that the only place that delivers is a pizza joint, but it’s a hit or miss as to whether or not they manage to get the order right.

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