Close Up Beheading

Close Up Beheading

I’ve got a quick video here but it’s very close up with lots of detail so it’s a good one. It’s another beheading but they made sure to get everything on video. The guy looks dead although there’s a hefty flow of blood pouring from him as they cut his neck. They placed his head between two branches to hold him in place as they cut away. I must say that they actually removed the head very quickly especially compared to our most recent beheading where they had to hack away until they could finally get it off. It just goes to show how easy the job can be with the proper tools.

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    • I agree. Sad. I think it is a female and the forked tree is brilliant for this. I saw some Hindu holy guys using just such a technique to behead some goats for a temple slaughter. I really wish Science could tell us which way is better, Cutting throat to bleed out before decapitation or a quick removal of head altogether. I would hate for people or animals to suffer unnecessarily.

      Mr Guillotine actually invented it to lessen pain and sufferring but maybe he was wrong. Did you know he actually was executed on the machine of his own invention? How ironic is that!

      • Saw this on another site. Said it was a young male executed by a cartel. Can’t say for certain, but for some reason I remember a before vid associated with this clip. Poor kid looked no more than late teens, got involved with a cartel as a sicario and met his inevitable end. That’s what I remember anyway. Then again, I see so many of these types of vids, I could be miscategorizing one video with something completely different, and talking outta my ass lol.

    • @blucon.. And what went through her head at that moment, Blu? Do ye take a look through your old “Ye Olde English” and Shakespeare books before ye comment here? Maybe I need a few more pints yet. “Tonsured pate” ? What happened to shorn scalp or shorn head? It has to be a new word for me to learn. I guess “sured” equates to shorn. They did give the lass an easy beheading and I’m sure the haircut didn’t bother her too much in the final outcome of things.

      • Good for ya chum ! @theluvmuscle that ya didn’t go calling her a lissome lass lest my Shakespearean self would have snarled at ya !
        Get down to taking few more ounces of pints but that ain’t gonna work for ya either ;any which way flipping a coin wont help either as both heads and tails ya lose when someone talks about shorn scalps shorn heads or better still in a lay man’s englandish lingo as tonsured pate of pates .
        Its the way it is .

        Why bother much ??that lass of yours is dead already .

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    Your ad posting sucks by the way, and IMHO has no place. What does it have to do with the gore topic? I did report to the mods and hope it gets removed.

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