Escalator Mishap

Escalator Mishap

I have no idea where this happened but this right here is why I’m afraid of escalators. I had a family member who got their shoelace caught in one and they would’ve severely damaged if not lost part of their foot had they not gotten the shoe off in time because that shoe was ripped to shreds. This could be in China since nothing seems to work there but surveillance cameras capture the moment an escalator breaks and everyone goes tumbling down with it. The worst part is the poor guy who falls in the gap and then is covered by the stairs again. God only knows what injuries he sustained but I think this is incentive to use the stairs from now on.

24 thoughts on “Escalator Mishap

  1. Most of all he was much faster than the other commuters in escalation; and that’s quite appreciative .I hope his final destination is reached .
    Add to that none of it seems bizarre after all things often go wrong when it comes to mainland China .
    Machines , apparatuses not to mention humans as well they all have a common tendency of misbehaving themselves.

    • The funny part about that is Google denies it will take over the world and Google Assistant laughs at the idea of skynet….. H m m m m m m …. Could Google already be skynet under a different moniker… But but but isn’t it just a search engine? It can’t possibly know everything… Right??!

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