Man Badly Burned After Accident

Man Badly Burned After Accident

Merry Christmas everyone!! And if you don’t celebrate it then Happy Holidays! This is suppose to be a time of cheer, giving thanks and spending time with our loved ones but let’s be honest, that’s not the case for everyone. There’s a lot of people during this time of year who deal with severe depression and loneliness. This is actually when suicides spike and people don’t often think about that so for those of you feeling down today know that you’re not alone and there are plenty of people out there including here on RGM who are happy to talk with you and help you get through this so don’t hesitate to reach out.

Let’s start by sharing something we’re grateful for. I’m happy to have all of you in my life and I’m very grateful that I haven’t been overcooked like the guy in this video. The video starts off showing a burning motorcycle and my spidey senses tell me the guy whose skin is flaking off was involved. His assless chaps I assume used to be fully formed pants at one time. He’s very disoriented and the guy seems reluctant to help or maybe he’s afraid to touch him. Then we see another victim involved who also looks to have suffered some burns on her legs. I have no idea what caused the accident but did you guys see that cute doggy? 😍

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  1. A large truck did this but the guy uses so many slang words, he says the motorcycle was behind the truck and the truck took off. Keeps telling him the ambulance is on the way and to relax but that’s easier said then done at this point. Poor guy and his female passenger.

  2. @littlefoot

    Merry Christmas to everyone, as-well-as to the awesome mods.

    You bring up a very sad fact concerning depression and loneliness particularly around the holidays. I too feel for these folks. For me during this time of year, my bitterness manifests because I cannot understand why humanity has to suffer so much; and my inner conflict… here I am celebrating the birth of the world’s Savior, and still I ask — Where the fuck is he?

    Based on the things I do, say, or act, I have to wonder what makes me so unique in this world that I’ve not been struck by 3 million volts of lighting. I am very blessed as 2018 closes out… I do not understand why me.

    I am very grateful and blessed to have a family that’s healthy and we get along. I’m grateful for my job, my nice home, and money to buy food, cloths, and be an able provider. I’m grateful for the country where I live. And I am grateful to live in a place where I do not have to constantly look over my shoulder to see whether a machete is swinging in my direction.

    I’d like to think that saying a prayer for the rest of the world’s needy is worth something…

    As for the video… oh man… that’s gonna hurt tomorrow morning. Just a fucking blister by the camp fire makes me cry like a little girl. I can’t imagine the stinging pain that these two are going through. Question: Can the dead skin be used to make something cool, like a purse or something? Next year’s Christmas present?? 🙂

  3. Jumping in here to hopefully squeak in some Christmas cheer to the rest of the US/Canada since it’s after midnight in the EST (5 hrs behind UTC). Hope it was a good one. I kinda fell off the map for a couple of years with a divorce and being a single parent to two teens (one graduated HS last year) has been challenging—especially when disabled and not working. Next year is going to be a more of a struggle, but I have healthy, happy, well-adjusted, responsible kids who have a sarcastic (and sometimes sick) sense of humor which provides stress relief. That’s all that matters. For those who struggle with major depression like I do, hang in there. You’re not alone. As tiring as it is, just keep fighting the good fight. Merry Christmas, all!

    • Hey@kitterz you remind me of another woman@countrygal1958 in on here on RGM who is a toughie like you are; and who won’t simply doesn’t seem to bow down to the odds happening around her immediate environs.
      You showed up after a big long gap but that’s OK . Divorces do happen mostly as these days
      love don’t come easy and no marriages are made anymore in heaven . Some couple make it up for the sake of kids some keep wearing the guise but won’t separate cause heavier stakes are involved and some simply cling on because they are too shy of taboos to go in for a split . Anyway you deal the way you dealt your past and withstand the hail storms and be mightily weatherproof.
      Merry Xmas Aww! Gawd……. compliments of the season cause I just about flipped over in greeting ya this late ! Hahahahaha

      • Aww, shucks. @blucon

        Thanks for recognizing bravery while I am facing down the demons! Things have gone downhill here. It’s always something!

        During my annual girl part exam, (which seemed useless to me since all I have left is a very truncated vagina (almost all of it was removed years ago, along with uterus and both of my ovaries.) but, in this exam, they found an “ugly lump”. They have sent a sample of it to the lab. Now it’s a wait and see if I have a cancerous mass inside the minor labia.

        Then I had my annual mammogram. Surprise! There’s a mass in my left breast. They say “Not to worry, just wait until we know something more!” Yet the tests won’t be repeated until February. According to them, they want to wait a few weeks to see if it’s just a cyst or cancer. “Give it time, if it’s a cyst, we’ll be able to tell then.” Which of course you know my smart-aleck reply was “And if it is cancer and it grows and spreads, what then?” Of course, I got the run around for the answer that wasn’t really an answer, so, there ya have it!

        So I say, to Hell with all of it. I’ll hope for the best, try not to dwell on the worst and go from there.

        I spent Christmas alone. No family members invite me anymore. They use the excuse they always use, “I would invite you but with all your medical equipment, I know it’s too hard to travel this far.” Works for me!

        Everyone knows I don’t do Christmas. It’s too painful to do it. I found my mom dead just before Christmas and have never put anything up since then. (2007) I’d just as soon stay here, anyway. Major Depression sucks OUT LOUD!!! Combine that with OCD and being bipolar and it’s a recipe for a pharmacological nightmare. I feel for @kitterz2. Nothing is fun when you are miserable. I HATE IT WHEN FOLKS SAY, “Get over it and put a smile on your face.” I say “Get away from me or you’ll never be able to have a smile on your face again.” It works well!

        So I’ll just go with I hope everyone has a new year filled with gore and goo!

    • @kitterz

      Hey girly! I’ve missed you! Sorry about the divorce,that’s rough… Kids are tough too! Gotta 14yr old and now a 10month old 😳😳 BUT you can AND will get though this! Huge hugs to you love! I hope you’re having a great day,and will have an even better New year! ❤💋❤💋❤

    • @kitterz

      I’m sorry for you. While my family is physically healthy for the most part, depression is an issue among some in my family as-well (not me); and some days I simply do not know what to do, even though I keep trying to help. It can be so exhausting. It is sooooooooooooo hard to deal with. Just try to understand that while it may not seem like it at the time, people do care for you. Hopefully, your children can provide you a good shoulder to cry on.

  4. He’s walking around like he just wanted a hug and the bystanders push him around as if they feel like cops.

    Christmas sux for me because 4 family members were killed around this time of year due to road rage they weren’t apart of. Happy New years anywho

  5. What caught my eye was the huggable little doggy and I am happy he is fine ; notwithstanding anything road accidents are a common occurrence around this time of the year but what is irksome is that , that the people on the road driving or riding take everything for granted and that’s when the devil strikes and then there is nothing to feel sorry about.
    Life is what one takes it as.

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