Guy Gets His Head Removed

Guy Gets His Head Removed

Christmas time is right around the corner and these psychos are getting into the holiday spirit spreading the red all over the floor and walls. I don’t have any information but it’s probably some rival gang shit and as usual these guys are dramatic as hell and can’t just kill someone and be done with it. The first video is right in the middle of the beheading with blood absolutely everywhere. Looking at the man’s flippy wrist technique as he’s hacking away I can see why there’s splatter absolutely everywhere. They’re really struggling but eventually they manage to remove the head and place it so he’s literally kissing his own ass. At some point they also removed one of his arms but they weren’t kind enough to share with the class.

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19 thoughts on “Guy Gets His Head Removed

  1. Gangsters are so fucking weirdos that they don’t realize that its takes not a blunt but a sharp goddamn beheading tool to severe the head with just a chop .
    A lot of pandemonium in the backdrop seems to make the
    beheader enjoy every second of his frenzied activity . Looks like they just like it that way with the place splashed all over with ounces of blood after all they like indulging in games of gore.
    They can spend time sharpening their weapons before the dawn of 2019 cause some more heads must be queued up for a ghastly treat .
    Well it was hellishly gorific to say the least

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