Tag That Image! #96

What’s Up, Gorriors? You might actually be seeing more of me in the near future. Isn’t that some shit?

In the meantime, Tag That Fucking Image! And check out last week’s winner HERE.


Suck my nipple while I kick you in the balls! Said no couple… ever!


One’s an innie and one’s an outie

Maybe this is a cry for help from a transitioning guy saying, “no, the nipple goes here, here I tell you… I want perky ones, not hangy downies.”

“Now that’s a Bloody Mary!

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33 thoughts on “Tag That Image! #96

  1. “Squeeze it” she says.
    “It’ll pop if I squeeze harder.” He says.
    “No it wo…” she beings to say and at that moment;
    A tearing sound is then heard and a cry of relief and a cry of pain is uttered as the cancerous cyst shoots out straight into her eye.
    “Told you so.” He said.

  2. “Oh come on honey, it’s just a slug, I know you can do this, just pretend it’s another one of those infected ingrown hairs on my back that you just love digging into and squeezing all that white shit out of”

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