Two Young Women Murdered

Two Young Women Murdered

Alright guys this one is truly messed up so get ready. This past Monday, the bodies of two women were found brutally murdered in the mountains of Morocco. The victims were 28-year-old Maren Ueland who was from Norway and 24-year-old Louisa Vesterager Jespersen from Denmark. They were backpacking in the Atlas mountains and were found on their camping site. Both women were reportedly sexually assaulted and mutilated with one still inside their tent while the other was not too far away and was beheaded as can be seen in this unfortunate video. A suspect was taken in after apparently dropping his ID at the scene of the crime and while police originally thought it to be a random act they now believe it to be related to ISIS as the suspect had ties to the extremist group. Surveillance tapes caught four men setting up a tent near where the women were camped out and they left after just one night. It’s obvious from the video more than one person was involved in these brutal murders. Jespersen is said to have posted a message on Facebook right before their departure asking about Mount Toubkal and I don’t know if there are any other messages that may have also given away their location. This is why I never post anything from trips until after I’m home, you never know who’s out there watching you and keeping tabs. The two were said to be very adventurous and spending a month long vacation in Morocco. Both of the victims’ mothers had warned them about being safe and even not going at all. It’s so sad that two people can’t go out and explore the world without fear but we all know what it’s like out there and it’s always better to take every precaution possible even if it seems extreme. These two women died a horrible death and hopefully the sick bastards that did this to them are all brought to justice.

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  1. ISIS are worse than terrorists. ISIS are just sick, perverted murderers, who think they’re doing Allah’s work. News flash:. If your Allah’s is omnipotent and omniscient, he doesn’t need mere mortals to do his dirty work. Just face it ISIS member, you’re just a sick serial killer who gets his jollies from raping and beheading.

      • Israel and its lap dogs pulled off a trifecta – destabilized Arab countries in the Middle East, fueled the rise of ISIS, and at the same time flooded Europe with massive refugee populations that undermines the white European identity, and entraps unaware European Goy in a death trap that makes them hate Muslims (the effect), and like Jews (the cause of their troubles).

        Meanwhile, in North America, the sheeple still believe their governments bomb ISIS targets in the Middle East, when in fact they bomb Syrian government targets to make sure the Syrian army is set back each time they make advances against ISIS Jewhadists.

    • These cocksuckers paid by Israelites, are destroying their own homes, families, and their beautiful heritage sites, protected by the World Heritage sites organizations. W.T.F. are they doing man ? Also, i find it disturbing that with ISRAEL being their Arch Enemies, that not a single shot was ever fired at them, at a time when they have never been better armed, to do so. With all the American Military vehicles (Humvees) and Artillery, not counting the thousands of state of the art shoulder mounted rocket launchers, and much, much, more, that the U.S. left behind because ” they said ” it would cost too much in staff, and fuel, to ship them back home. With that said, they could have easily reeked havoc, at least, for a short while, sending rockets, Tank Shells, and bulldozing down one of their walls for a quick kick-ass slaughter of a good part of ISRAEL, before being stopped. This was ALL planned by the Americans, and Israel, to make sure that I.S.I.S. was better armed to fight Syria, their main target, in the Middle East, then if victorious, head to Iran to finish the JEWS dirty agenda. FUCK I HATE THEM ZIONISTS!

    • we are forced to go along with Israel’s warmongering despite the fact that the “freedom fighters” we financed and armed only a few years ago are now called “ISIS” who are now the enemy and we must defeat Assad who actually stands against ISIS but is still our enemy despite being against our enemy because Israel says so.

      We must also accept unlimited immigration from the countries we destabilised because it is the “moral thing to do” despite the majority western population being against these invasions from day one.

      Wake the fuck up people, if our governments gave a shit about “morals” they wouldn’t have invaded so many sovereign states to begin with. They wouldn’t have ignored the majority populations wishes, they wouldn’t keep letting economic migrants

    • Yeah bro, I think all of us here are wondering why they would put themselves in that position.

      I have to say one thing though. Yeah, I’m a Liberal. A Progressive. But I aint no fool. I don’t live in a bubble where I believe there aren’t people out there who want to do me and mine harm. The safety of my wife and kids is a top priority for me. Being a Liberal doesn’t mean simply that you are ignorant. Stupid people can be Liberal or Conservative.

      I would never allow my kids to put themselves in a similar position as these ladies. A father’s protective instincts transcend politics. It was a completely foolish thing for these girls to go there, not understanding the danger they put themselves in. If they did do their research, then they probably ignored some stark warnings they had to have seen. And if they DIDN’T do their research, then they are just as stupid, and should have. There are certain places I wouldn’t go in my own country, much less some country where I don’t speak the language, or understand the culture. Things were bad before 9/11 (which happens to be my birth month and day btw), but the War On Terror is a true game changer. And no Westerner should take such risks. At the same time, the West needs to stop these wars. And stop doing things that send people from their native lands to flood the west, thereby bringing some with them who are fully capable of committing atrocities on our citizens such as what happen to these two. There’s a LOT more to Morocco than what you see in James Bond movies and expensive scenic car races by the sea. There is a culture there that most in the West have no true understanding of.

          • Man. I almost forgot about that other site. The other day my daughter mentioned that site and I had to redirect her and some friends over to riGOREmortis and stated that the other site owner had done some uncouth actions and words against folks who were and had been trying to help the owner during a transitional phase of life. Also for what it’s worth I’ve never even been back to the site simply due to what I feel is loyalty to the group of old site members that came here.

      • Israel and its lap dogs pulled off a trifecta – destabilized Arab countries in the Middle East, fueled the rise of ISIS, and at the same time flooded Europe with massive refugee populations that undermines the white European identity, and entraps unaware European Goy in a death trap that makes them hate Muslims (the effect), and like Jews (the cause of their troubles).

        Meanwhile, in North America, the sheeple still believe their governments bomb ISIS targets in the Middle East, when in fact they bomb Syrian government targets to make sure the Syrian army is set back each time they make advances against ISIS Jewhadists.

  2. What the hell is wrong with these stupid girls, thinking going to a place like that in the world these days is going to be safe? I mean, idiot libtards who believe that they are safe because they believe in world peace, etc… like these girls deserve to reap the consequences of their stupid decisions and actions… But, get a fucking clue. Guess the Swedes and the Norwegians still think they are safe from asshole muslims like these, even though their women are being raped and harassed by them in their own country… Because they let them in. Grow the fuck up and get a clue. I hope that, at least, her last thought was, “I was wrong and an idiot”. Perhaps some of these idiots will start to think that before this kind of thing happens to them.

    • Very sad but these girls were very stupid as many of this generation are. It is also to do with the media which keeps pushing a ” all people are great “message under the influence of Globalists who want all to think all is ok so that they can sell is more shit. So many youngsters,especially the Liberals, think their “good will” will be appreciated by monsters and will protect them. It wont.

      Monsters love naive peiple like that and seek them out especially . The weaker and more vulnerable you are the more these monsters get off on it.

      Sad poor girls. I would never have gone to the High Atlas even twenty five years ago before Gulf War One, when most of the moslem world was still “tame”..and I am a pretty assertive guy! What were they thinking? I bet they were Soros open- border activists at some stage welcoming headchoppers in !


    • The effects of 9/11 are still being felt today, as much the national security polices in place today are either a direct result of 9/11 or are allegedly designed to prevent another catastrophic tragedy of a similar magnitude. Likewise, Jewish zionists have been trying to shift the American people’s condemnation of the 9/11 attacks away from the real terrorists who did 9/11 and the Jewish terrorist state of Israel which was the root cause of 9/11, because of its almost endless list of Zionist crimes, towards irrational hatred of people of the Islamic faith in general. Unfortunately, this zionist instigation of Islamohysteria has created a segment of people in America who are supportive of the military occupation of nations such as Afghanistan, Iraq, Libya, Pakistan, Somalia, Yemen and Syria (with Iran as a likely future target). These military occupations only benefit the criminal state Israel

  3. I…just…don’t…get…it!!!!

    What’s the appeal…to visit a shit hole, a hostile shit hole, where there’s such an increased chance to be killed? I’m not blaming these girls — well maybe a little, OK, a lot. But Holy shit, where’s the basic fucking situational awareness, knowing your environment, having a plan…

    Maybe I’m just overly cautious, but damn. And sorry if this sounds sexist… but two females wondering the mountains alone without weapons, a guide or other protections is just plain dumb. Hell, I don’t take a day trip to the mountains (here in my state) without carrying my concealed handgun.

    As far as ISIS… fuck those ass holes.

    • @isshinryu…Why worry about sounding sexist? Reality is reality here. They died, having been stalked, raped and murdered because they were women. Is it sexist to acknowledge the reality of that? PC denies reality and allows shit like this to happen because PC corrupts rational thought.

    • @isshinryu Actually, you were quite succinct with your pronouncements. There does seem like a certain lack of awareness permeates certain people’s thought processes. The situation that comes to mind of that idiot who went to that secluded island in that territory controlled by India is a prime example.

      Idiot evangelist takes it upon himself to decide that God told him to go to an island he KNEW was inhabited by native peoples who had been there for thousands of years, not bothering anyone else. And who did NOT want his presence. And certainly didn’t want to have him blabbing in their ear in a language they likely didn’t even understand. Bringing his religious bullshit and his fucking diseases those people had NO immunity to. Less than 20 of these natives occupy that island in relative peace. And who he KNOWS are willing to kill self righteous interlopers from personal experience years in the past. Had the scars from those natives arrows to prove it.

      And, yet and still, he sneaks his arrogant ass onto that island. Bible and diseases in hand. Even after the Indian government places a 3 mile exclusion zone between that location and the rest of the not so civilized world. Lands on said island, and takes arrows to the chest and torso. Then gets his lifeless ass dragged to some spot where no doubt similar idiots are buried. And make him a permanent resident. All because he didn’t respect those peoples culture. Or the law he was breaking, or even the lives he could indirectly end up endangering or even taking. All because “God” wanted him to bring Jesus to those people. In fact, that dude is even worse, because there is no doubt he knew the danger he put himself in.

      • Yeah, when I read that story I was amazed at the shear stupidity which he displayed. I do question my own religion… a lot lately. And to see this individual put himself into such mortal danger… to further the Christian religion… well let’s just say that his faith and convictions are a hell of a lot more that what I’ve ever had.

        Nevertheless, he was a dumass.

        To quote Bill Engvall, “Here’s your sign.”

    • Morocco isn’t exactly a shithole. Iv never been but Check out Anthony Bourdains trip there. It’s a cool interesting historical place with a lot of culture…BUT yea there are Fuckin weirdo Muslims.

      The problem is Religion and stupid brainwashed wackos.
      Thanos was right .kill half the population so that we can see what really matters.

    • Oded Yinon’s “Clean Break” document and the “Rebuilding America’s defences” by the PNAC think tank, aren’t too dissimilar. Richard Perle was calling for middle east regime change since 1996 for fuck sake.

      You obviously realise the criminal element with US Govt, but if you think the invasion of Iraq was for oil – you’ve still got some reading to do!

  4. This shit right here shook me up fairly good. I saw a documentary on maybe OPB, Frontline or some similar program. And I remember a point being made that because of the more fundamental views of morality and the systemic separation of females and males in Islamic countries like Saudi Arabia and porrer Islamic countries that the Saudi religious establishment has been able to control through the spread of “Wahhabism”, many young males have a lot of pent up sexual frustration. Rape rates are very high. And most females raped will not report it because no matter how much they fought, the female is always perceived to be at fault. Also, male on male rape is also very common. And reported even less. Usually, it is an older male family member or cleric raping a much younger male under their authority.

    Also, because of the propaganda spread to these Islamic countries, Westerners are demonized, sometimes for good reason, sometimes not. I hate what happened to these two women. But I also have to say what in the world were they thinking in the first place!! DId they not do their homework at all? Are there a shortage of tourist attractions in nations that are much less antagonistic towards the west? If I found out either or both of my two daughters wanted to go to some Islamic, totalitarian regime controlled country to sight see, I would strongly object. I get that grown folks can do what they want, but why take risks that are so unnecessary? NEVER would I go to any similar country for any reason under any circumstances. It’s just strange that we hear about so many of these types of incidents yet you never find a shortage of idiots who put their lives at risk, just to go “exploring”.

    A lot of similar information is easily obtainable, from your native countries Department Of State or similar entity. I get the curiosity to explore people and places that are not so like our own. But there have to be limits. I don’t blame these women for what those animals did to them. But you do have to take into account variables when you basically put yourself in an unfamiliar circumstance or environment. Watching these videos made my stomach sick. I wonder at what point did the true understanding of what was about to happen to them actually registered in these victims minds? And I hope that these men are punished severely for what they did, they deserve to die. Maybe it’s me just getting older, but my mind immediately went to my two daughters after seeing this. It would break me to know that something so hideous happened to them. That video of it was available and circulating all over the world. That they died in agony, and that their father could do NOTHING to prevent it. Tragic to say the least.

    • I could not say it better myself. Truly sad as all such crimes are.

      Such bestiality occurs in Central and South America but at least the women there have experience of such violence . These girls had absolutely no clue what they were getting into. Literally the lamb walking into the wolf’s gaping maw.Sad.

    • A very quirky yet very relevant observation.
      No instinct at all. They thought even the average Third World Moslem would respect their person. No way ..they were expendable prey in the minds of these men.

      Unbelievers, unaccompanied, naive ,all-tolerant young women; perfect fodder for their perverted appetites.

      Hopefully ,the media will talk about this but i don’t think it will. Big Business will lose money,Moslem allies will be offended and knowing these barbarities will make people question Americano- natoist geopolitical goals. No way the authorities will want that!


  5. They should have stayed at home to “netflix and chill”, just like every single tinder-thots… 😆 Oh well, it’s like going to a wolf den and expect to not be mauled to death… What’s stopping us from doing the same indiscriminatedly to every single snackbar-looking sacks of shit-skin walking towel-headed shit?

  6. In all fairness if this is true, not fake news cuz honestly my mind is so saturated by all the bullshit of everyday idiocracy in life and in news it’s hard to believe or give a fuck cuz we’ve become so desensitized…. but these fuckers should be brought back to home country of victims and tortured and killed….Along with their families as well. That way the all the ISIS wackos might get clue what their doing is beyond wrong and totally idiotic. Complete justice is served…the world has gone on way to long without enough instant justice served. It’s made virtues of morals and life so unbalanced. Courts and Lady Justice runs only on moneys..while scum heathens runs wild

  7. As the rich and powerful people of the world keep placing the average citizens of their individual states in more danger from mass immigration, forced upon us by these rich and powerful people for their own greed and want of more and more power and wealth, the average citizens of the world should take up their own cause and begin a campaign to encroach and invade the sanctuaries and palaces of these to see how it feels. If it is okay to invade the borders my sovereign country to suck at my tax dollars and make the wealthy and powerful more money and power, then it is okay to encroach and invade their private places and sanctuaries as far as I’m concerned. They secure their sanctuaries and property lines and protect then with far more vigor and seriousness than they do the borders which we consider our sovereign property lines which define us as who we are as individual cultures, countries, etc. Yet they believe it is ok to allow us to be overrun because they wish to rule a lower class world where they are in control and freedom, and liberty for the individual citizen no longer exists… Then I believe it time to begin to encroach upon their private property and sanctuaries and take from them who would allow our freedoms and liberties to be taken from us. We are not serfs here, where I live, per our Constitution. We are free men and women who are being subjected to insult by the powerful and sublimely being herded like sheep to the slaughter of what freedom means for mankind. When I see a homeless person, a criminal, a drug addict or a crazy person somewhere in my neighborhood, I should rightfully see the rich, wealthy and powerful people subjected to the same sights inside their own places of sanctuary, private property or behind their high, secure walls and fences, else, they who control our fates cannot understand or feel the way it feels for us. In that, they should not be in power or have any control over the average citizen unless they have compassion and understanding for us. There should be no sanctuary for them when they deny us sanctuary and protection. It is time to begin knocking their walls down, sleeping in their yards, swimming their pools eating their food and enjoying their protected and secured sanctuaries until they understand that they are not nobles, kings, barons, queens, etc.

  8. Never post shit on shit Facebook, and these motherxxxxxxs need to have the blade up there backsides and slowly saw the way up until they are cut in half 😠 torture first for day’s offcourse film them crying and shit, then cut them in half from the bottom to top.

  9. Well I have heard of brazilian women’s moan when they are beheaded by drug cartels.. but they all screamed like pigs. Now i enjoy this nordic woman’s sexy moan. Her scream is clearly ringing and so pure. She sounds like she is having sex and enjoying it. Nordic women have talent to enjoy boys even when they are beheaded alive.. I love them. They are unlike rude and money-obsessed slavic girls.. They surely know how to enjoy their men.

  10. Did you notice her right hand was red, possibly with blood, she was probably defending herself whilst these sand nxxxers raped her beat her, why would she be lying face down on concrete and seems like she was unconscious until they started sawing behind her neck.

  11. I don’t know why women let their guard down when they come to Morocco. I have seen tourist women all alone hitchhiking. I think to myself how easy it would be for some sick bastard to kidnap,rape and kill them.

    I always had my guard up over there. I don’t plan on visiting there anytime soon either.

  12. This pisses me off and although I do feel bad that their lives ended this way I think they were ignorant to think that 2 white foreign girls, going to a remote area in Morroco was a great adventure. Why do people insist on going to a country without doing any research on the civilization? I mean I’d be looking up current and foreign affairs in that area, conflicts, how people react to outsiders, death toll etc etc etc. It blows my fucking mind there is NO excuse to be unprepared when we have the internet. So naive and gullible and it costed them their lives in a brutal way at that.

    These bastards are opportunists and I wouldn’t be the least surprised if the girls were singled out starting at the airport.

      • Damn right @trainwreck I think these girls were much too ignorant who hadn’t had the slightest idea to be abreast with the current situation of the place they’d headed to.
        If only they had done enough home work before their departure they still would have been alive . Seeing how it is , this ISIS virus is rapidly growing its tentacles far and wide globally and that’s frightening.

        • @blucon it is frightening because the true original ISIS groups are small in comparison to their sympathizers and supporters worldwide. They can turn anyone weak minded enough into murderous bombers and terrorizers in just a short period of time to do their dirty work because that’s how true cowards work, systematically through others. I mean look at the Boko Haram and how they work.

          • Its all about money and the devil of a money which these terrorists groups are so well funded with that they can easily influence any section of the society to join them by luring the jobless weaklings in their fold to topple serenity of the world .

            This maddening brigade is hell bent in converting the entire world to Islamism and since they know their agenda keeps failing each time they turn to adopt these cowardly tactics by killing the innocent ones to instill fear.
            Ellen ,Its high time them and their entire race needs to be eradicated @trainwreck but the world is watching in silence and that’s an apathy.

        • @hopingfornemesis My daughter is a social butterfly—so I hammer this home to her about making social media private and only allowing followers you know IRL. She hears about shit like this and will say, “They shouldn’t have been out by themselves without a male escort or larger group.” Like @blucon mentioned, I don’t think FB was the issue. Were most likely being tracked by opportunists.

  13. I wonder if the FB proved to be their nemesis or they were
    simply being stalked from the point when they left to camp at Atlas mountains ….Goes to prove these sick mother fucking bunch of Psychos don’t deserve a place anywhere on earth.
    These dames out of euphoria must have had thrown all cautions to the wind and paid with their dear lives.
    Its truly sad when some simple souls end up losing their lives in the hands of ISIS , the TALIBAN , BOKO HARAM , the big evils .
    BTW ,Backpackers here on the RGM be warned , be alarmed and take a sharp note ; not to be too laid back and head to the destinations unbeknown , finally ending up in the hands of the butchers .

  14. This one was a little too close to home as I have two kids close to that age. I’m thankful the death was quick (albeit FAR from painless) for her compared to some beheadings we see in South America. What a horrible way to experience your last moments. 😕

    • Friend ,I know your gov is trying to keep the country secular and non-jihadi headchoppering . That is a good thing. I know the same is happening in Morocco as well. Yet ,it seems you guys are losing the battle as too many of these crazy vicious mongrels still exist.

      Even if they took money it still means they are animals who take money to kill innocents viciously. Even hitmen in Western countries do a clean painless kill. Nothing more is needed. Two young weak moslem-accepting women were gutless easy targets. No honour accrues to the perpetrators.

      I think much evidence was presented that they were allied to Isis and they made videos showing that etc.


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