Big Booby Chick Fight

Big Booby Chick Fight

Tis the season of giving and so I think I shall gift you all with something special. It’s not gory but I think many of you will appreciate it. As I’m sure you’ve figured out from the title there’s two women fighting and one of them has huge tatas. No booty but the boobies make up for it. Don’t know what these two are fighting about but I doubt any of you care with spread legs and bare chests to watch. I’m sure it was over a guy because when is it not but Betty Boob is getting her ass kicked. I hope everyone enjoys this early Christmas present because you crazy sonsa bitches deserve it.

39 thoughts on “Big Booby Chick Fight

    • @ G.G.Allin @weareallgoingtodie

      ” … huge tatas. ” FUKIN Lol!!

      Anyroad, very many happys to all you, my Gorrior pals, & to your families & those around you.
      For Real, guys.

      Its a big fuckin anti-climax that some of us spend SO much time, effort & money on…so much pressure for everything to go well.
      But Still.
      Try your best to have a good time guys…put your best smile on, especially for those who you would rather gleefully dismember… & dont let it get you down too badly when that particular relative who always insults you – fuken insults you AGAIN!….and PLEASE dont fuckin waste time by persecuting yourself, just for wondering how you are -& wishing you were not- related to them.

      Put simply, I hope that you can please have the best time that it is possible -considering your personal circumstance- for you to have, guys

      Its as about as least a nihilistic “seasons greetings” that you will get from me -still the best looking flincher on the site, by the ways- but please know guys,
      I mean every word of it! ;-p

      Merry Xmas & Happy New Year !

  1. So from what I could understand from the video, the big boobed girl dressed in red that was recieving a beating “stole” the yellow girl’s husband. The one filming is her friend and there’s another one that isn’t in the video that was searching for scissors to humiliate the big boobed girl in red by cutting her hair off and take off her clothes. 😀

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