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This is why they shouldn’t make Viagra in a fruity chewable form.


I will now voluntarily commit myself to the nearest Psych ward to be treated for my newly acquired case of PTSD. As if I didn’t have enough problems. Thanks a lot @obli lol.

Trans-guy-berian Orchestra plays a cover of Baby it’s Cold Outside.

Does my mullet make my nipples look fat?

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  1. I keep my Brazilian girlfriend, Jojo here, safe from the girl killers and rapers by feeding her these high potency testosterone and estrogen pills the Doc gives me. She’s still a sweetheart, but nobody messes with her anymore. The pussy is still pussy, just like I likes it.

  2. Wow!!! almost fell out my chair laughing. This one is a true gem. I have never seen something more disturbing in my life. The live victim dismemberment Cartel vids we are so familiar with don’t even hold a candle to this. Congrats on your ability to ( in one fell swoop } accomplish what no other prior bad experience in my over 40 years on this planet could do. I will now voluntarily commit myself to the nearest Psych ward to be treated for my newly acquired case of PTSD. As if I didn’t have enough problems. Thanks a lot @obli lol.

  3. On a serious note though, there is probably no other class or segment of society in both the US and abroad that is hated more than a flamboyant gay black man. You would think that from a logical standpoint, blacks in general would be able to empathise with and even ally with them politically speaking. They have suffered similar mistreatment and discrimination virtually everywhere on the globe. And many of the laws that were enacted beginning with the Civil Rights Act involving hate speech, assault, unemployment job discrimination, murder, and a host of other similar protections based on their race and or gender. But, as I stated at the beginning, many, and maybe even most blacks show nothing but contempt and are often violent towards male gay blacks. That isn’t to say that black females are not mistreated as well because they are. But not nearly as much as openly gay black males. And that goes double for gay black males in prison. Often, they are mistreated by fellow inmates and custodial staff alike. They click up, and are often some of the most violent and difficult to manage inmates in the system. Go to any yard, in any prison, in any state. Federal prisons as well. The more feminine the appearance, the more problems related to their presence comes to pass.

    It is illegal in most local, state, and federal institutions for inmates to engage in sexual activity involving any other inmate or staff. The exception being states where conjugal visits are allowed. These prisoners are extremely vulnerable to being raped, and even killed. Especially on yards where the majority of the population have life or extremely long sentences. I have seen riots break out over one inmate being jealous that his “woman” is God forbid not entirely faithful to their beau. They sleeze around from inmate to inmate, even inmate to guard to inmate. They make themselves a “security threat” for obvious reasons. And end up being shipped from prison to prison, sometimes even placed in facilities in neighboring states because of the destabilizing effect they have on the smooth running of those facilities. Many are in “PC” (protective custody) for months, even years because of prior incidents involving them.

    Lastly, about their need to click up, many are more violent than most other prisoners. They rape and murder other inmates, gay or straight. And are predators who are extremely dangerous for young or inexperienced inmates, new to the system. So while black gay inmates are subject to a lot of abuse, they are often times abusers themselves. And will snatch your life in a heartbeat if they feel it benefit them. And the more time they have on their sentence, the more likely they are to disrupt, assault, and kill other inmates and staff.

    Not sure why I spewed my thoughts on this thread, but sometimes when I get a train of thought on something I actually have some knowledge about, I feel compelled to share. Especially when it comes to exchanging ideas and information with my fellow Goriors and Goriorettes. You guys are the BEST!

    • Excellent post @ipconfig. I didn’t know or even expect that at all. Who would have thought this given the common-sense thought that a gay man would be more “caring”in general than other crims.

      A little more detail? Is it just the macho gay men that are so violent or just the flamboyantly girly gay guy or just more violent of whatever type of gay they are?

      • @hopingfornemesis Been a busy weekend, kids and all. So the more “macho” male inmates have a problem. They usually want to be accepted or at least respected by the straight male inmate population. In their intimate relationship with another male inmate, they truly see themselves often as “straight” males. I have never seen a macho straight male inmate with another macho male in an intimate relationship. Usually, they find the most feminine one they can find. And often, when a new feminine inmate checks onto the yard, there is a LOT of tension in that community, that inevitably spreads to the rest of the prison. That person is approached by the usual suspects at the earliest moment. And usually within a few hours, that inmate is likely paired up with whomever they will be with for a time. There’s a lot of jealousy, and it puts the whole prison on shaky ground. Many a riot has happened over that tension.

        I used to sit and watch the drama, them walking the track with 5 or 10 other homo’s both feminine and masculine trailing right behind them. Shit was funny to see. However, after being caught up in the violence that often goes with, I ended up staying away from the yard whenever those types were introduced to the prison. Because without fail, some bullshit ALWAYS jumps off. Even if you aren’t involved, your proximity to the action brings unwanted scrutiny from staff. The whole prison is shut down, you are strip searched, questioned, and inconvenienced to the point where the entertainment value becomes much less significant when compared to the disruption to your “program” or routine on the yard.

        Someone is going to get hurt, and whomever is in the immediate area is getting questioned extensively, and/or going to segregation. Just not worth it.

        Anyway, within a short time, that new homosexual is claimed, and moved to whatever housing unit their new boyfriend is in. And that masculine inmate treats that new “girlfriend” or “wife” like any other new relationship in the free world between love interests of the opposite sex. All that giddy, touchy feely bullshit. The problem for the masculine inmate is that although most other straight males (staff included) treat them with the same respect you would see with anyone else, behind their backs, nobody respects them at all. And all that bullshit they say like “I only do this shit when I’m doing time, when I get out, I’m going back to my Ol Lady”. Believing somehow that as long as they only have sexual contact with men who look and act like women, and only while they are locked up, as if that makes a difference, is some of the most fucked up rationalization I have ever seen. They even have their “wives/girlfriends/baby mama” from the free world come visit. Then take their nasty asses right back to the “girlfriends” they share a cell with. Fucking disgusting.

        Those “macho” gay men are NEVER respected. Yeah, they may be violent, and yeah, they WILL mame and kill from time to time. But respect? Naaaaah. And the feminine ones they have relationships with. Although they do act like females, portray themselves as being delicate and lady like. But they will hurt/rape/kill you in a heartbeat. It would be a huge mistake to believe that somehow, just because someone acts feminine, somehow they must be a pussy, or weak. Plenty have made that mistake, treated them with disrespect, and had some cold steel pierce their skin, held by that same “feminine” person.

        Here’s something to keep in mind. Most folks like them who have made it to their adult years have been mistreated by others all their lives. A black, outwardly feminine, homosexual male adult who has been on the streets, doing time for a violent crime is probably one of the last people you should underestimate.

        They have a lot of anger, and hate. And they are STILL MALES. Often with nothing to lose. A chip on their shoulder, and not willing to take abuse from inmates OR staff. And all that committing a murder will do to them is put them in an environment where they have no bills, free meals every day, all the dicks they can possibly suck, surrounded by endless idiots who will do their best to get their attention, both guards and inmates, for years on end. And if they are already ostracised from their families, and not accepted by blacks in society on the outside, you can see where that frame of mind, as related to that lifestyle, could possibly seem to be as good as it’s ever gonna get.

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