Young Girl`s Body Found Naked In The Woods

Young Girl`s Body Found Naked In The Woods

Looks like women are being fucked up and dumped in the woods a lot these days. We had one last week and here’s another girl. She’s young and cute and I have no idea why she met an early end. She could’ve been completely innocent or involved with the wrong people as we’ve seen time and time again. She’s been stripped naked and while her body is in tact she has a piece of cloth tied around her mouth and a giant gaping hole in her head. I have no clue if she was raped but her lack of clothing suggests probably.

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  1. Shame….another waste. It’s prolly Brazil so there’s no rhyme or reason other than it’s just another day in Brazkillia.

    BUT in all seriousness all you girls need to be more aware of creeps, shady folk,and potential daters and gentlemen suitors/ hook ups. and your surroundings. All you gorettes should know after years on gore sites what can happen,and what kind of evil angry micro penis monsters exist out there.

    Look out for guys (young or old) with fake injuries who look harmless asking for help, or help with their cell phone. Look at the American woman who decided to stay in a Costa Rica B+B 1 extra day ALONE…. found her body in the weeds.

    • @nocuntryforoldpervertedman
      What happened to that woman was awful and she of course didn’t deserve it but I would never travel/stay alone. I don’t know why she chose to stay that extra day by herself but it’s sad to think she’d still be alive had she chosen to go home. Like you said it’s all about being aware of your surroundings and making safe decisions. No one deserves that shit and in a perfect world everyone would be able to walk around without worry but we all know there’s crazies everywhere and it’s better to go that extra mile to stay safe than thinking nothing can happen to you.

      I read about someone who interviewed rapists in prison asking what they look for in a victim and essentially women with long hair in a ponytail who are distracted and look like they won’t put up a fight with easy to remove clothing and parking lots are a hot spot because many women sit in their cars looking at receipts or whatever instead of just driving off. Avoid vans next to the drivers side and always check inside/under the car before approaching, look them in the eye and tell them you have pepper spray on you and fight like hell. Those were the things I learned 😀👍

    • She stayed that extra day because she met a really cool guy and just wanted to spend that extra day getting it on with him. C’mon girls… If one eyeball is looking one way and the other is looking you in the eye, don’t make a date with him. Simple.
      And, yeah, like @littlefoot said, don’t wear long hair or ponytails, and make sure to wear clothes that even you can’t get out of. Safest bet.

  2. Aww ! this is how it begins and ends when young girls get blinded not knowing whom to chose and whom not to chose .
    That bloody age between 17 to 21 has you wearing a blindfold ; beside the world around seems so colorful and the age has you thinking everyone is gentle as a calf and trust able and worthy of being a bosom friend .
    While the wolves sneak up going unnoticed under that guise that age has you guessing forever if the choice made was right until
    the final blow strikes and you are long dead and rotting while
    the wolf escapes merrily with his fill. aaann aaann just a wait a sec on a hindsight maybe the KARMA chased and pinned her down cause what one does is ……………… one begets in their life time cause heaven and the hell is right here .
    Every innocent and cute face has a story to paint ..some gorish ………and some like the fairy tales …alas this one painted the former one

  3. Notwithstanding the aftermath here are 10/10 points for her dimple cheeks and the cleavage she had had at such an early age ………which kinda leaves me wondering as to how many hands had groped, teased , squeezed , pleased & sexed her melons not to mention her fanny to endless orgasms .
    RIP little slut

    Brazil I am coming for ya !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! right this minute

    • “Boring body btw”… @john123 ? You must not have a very good imagination comparing a dead body to what that sweetheart could’ve done with her live body, making you feel like a little 12 year old boy at a high school cheerleaders party. BTW, dead bodies are boring and get rumpled and and all bloated up.

  4. I’m new here… I stumbled upon your site while researching hangings. One click led to another click, and I uncovered way more than I bargained for; more than simply “gore”, but complete and utter horror – things that kept me from sleeping. To quote Negan, “Pissing our pants?…It’s gonna be pee-pee pants city here real soon.” Love TWD by the way.

    It’s been over 6 months and there are some things I still can’t look at; but I wanted to join your community since reading hundreds and hundreds of commentaries and remarks (both very funny and serious), the various opinions, and the jokes. I never knew I could see things so horrifying, that my jaw would be resting on the desk, but then read a flurry of comments where the comical talk starts. I never really appreciated that death could be ……..“funny”.

    I’m walking now with a different appreciation for how fragile we are, and with a better appreciation for just how brutal we can be to one another. My eyes are opened… Holy shit are my eyes open.

    And I repeat myself – You make me laugh. Some of the things you folks write are simply…. Outlandish. And at the same time I see there are “wicked-wickedly” smart and talented writers and opinionators (real word ??). What I really find nice though, there doesn’t seem to be any infighting. Comments and jokes are made, and the world simply moves on. That’s cool.

    And I pray, God I pray, that I’ll never have my death photo posted here… EVER… for one reason… you’all would laugh at my small dick.

    As far as the original post is concerned, I am simply stunned that a beautiful young woman like this is so brutally killed. I immediately think of my wife, daughter, and niece. One thing is certain, I am damn thankful I don’t have to live in one these shit holes where these atrocities occur.

    To all the “Living”, Best Regards and Merry Christmas!

    • @ISSHNRYU… Happy to see you here. I think you understand the yin and yang of the commentary here and how irreverence and comedy contrasts with the horror and reality of some of the images shown here. What worries me is that you entered through researching hangings. That could only mean a few things about you… That you are suicidal and researching a better way to die, that you are practicing erotic self strangulation masturbation techniques without killing yourself in the process or seriously investigating the best way to hang or strangle someone. And…? ; )

      • See, you folks are so awesome…. You made me laugh out loud…

        Nah, none of that kinky sex stuff (at least not with ropes around my neck), or suicide. Masturbation is a lot fun, but I do prefer to be breathing when the deed is done.

        I have immediate family ties in Germany, and have always been interested with the war, particularly how brutal the SS were to the Jews, especially some of the “women” prisoner guards; damn, they were true Bea-Ah-Chizzzzs. Guess they had to prove to their SS overlords that they too were a force to be reckoned with. I was interested in the executions of these female prisoner camp guards. That’s where I discovered that there were two types of hanging… Internal decapitation via hard drop, and the slow method where the person basically asphyxiates.

        Man, both scare the crap out of me….

        • @isshinryu… Besides hangings, the impalements, crucifixions and other barbarity of tribe against tribe over the course of human history during the last 5,000 or so, in general, seems to be a norn, and not just a recent invention of the Nazis. Stalin, Mao, Pol pot, etc murdered many many more people in recent history. On smaller, yet just as horrific are the brutal and barbaric executions and murders which have occurred in Africa during the last few decades or so. The Turks and the Armenian genocide and all of the smaller genocides of people of various races and identities, religions and creeds, cultures. It is not a new new thing. People have been slaughtering and enslaving other people for thousands of years. Look further than just the Nazis for evil, vile human actions. Look no further than yourself because, somewhere in your families past they have been either executioners or victims, slaves or masters. The same with the African tribes. they held slaves too.

          • Hmmm, I wonder whose photo might pop up in my family tree if ever I did the Ancestary-Dot-Com DNA report. My mother’s side is Jewish, my father’s German… Damn, couldn’t imagine the thought of having a crazy uncle Himmler in the family.
            Slavery is another one of those crazy practices that is really hard to imagine in this modern time. Profiteering via “ownership” of a human being is sad. And sadder still are those who purposefully sell themselves into slavery simply to escape or deflect some other pitiful human hardship. From the beginning of time, we’ve instituted various tiers of the “have’s” and the “have-not’s”. I’m some ways we’re all slaves.

    • @isshinryu
      Welcome to the site! I remember when I first started looking at gore sites and being disturbed by some of the comments. It took a while before I realized that it’s how a lot of people cope with the sight of violence and death. Even doctors and nurses will do it to get them through the day. I’m glad you’ve discovered us and decided to join. There’s a great group of people here 🙂

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