Man Kills Secretary While She Sits At Her Desk

On December 4, 2018 in Areguá, Paraguay.. 67-year-old Adolfo Alcides Alvarenga, the treasurer of the Sanitation Board of a company called Pindolo, walked into his workplace with a gun and murdered his 37-year-old secretary, Miriam Soto Sanchez. Adolfo first shot Miriam in the shoulder, as she leaned forward holding her arm he proceeded to shoot the woman in the back of the head, killing her instantly. Adolfo then walked outside and told two other employees that he just killed the woman. The man was arrested and charged with aggravated intentional homicide which carries a sentence of up to 30 years. Police said they still have no idea what the man’s motive was. Rumor has it the woman was stealing money from the company but that has not been confirmed.

20 thoughts on “Man Kills Secretary While She Sits At Her Desk

  1. Sometimes when I see stuff like this, I wonder what I would do if presumably someone stole my honestly earned, hard to come by money. When I was in the dope game, the rules were clear. There is no “collection agency” or any government supported body that could give some semblance of satisfaction to the one offended. The rules are SUPER clear. You steal, you at the very least catch a fade (a beat down) and those rules are more often than not enforced. Because if you allow one person to steal, you will have everyone stealing from you. No matter if it’s 20 bucks, or a kilo or more of dope. If you can’t live by those rules, you’re in the wrong game. And in some ways, the rules of the game are actually fair. Vigilantism is not just encouraged but required. And the person who transgressed knows the consequences are plain. Lastly, there is a certain satisfaction one gets from finding the culprit, and administering justice the way YOU wan’t to. Now I never killed anyone in my life. Not in the military, not in the “game”, and not while I did over a decade “paying my debt”. But I did administer a few memorable beat downs, and never felt at all wrong doing it. If I transgressed, I would have been afforded the same treatment, and rightfully so. Which is why I NEVER took what wasn’t mine.

    But in many ways, I believe it’s worse when an employee in a privately owned small business does that. Not just from the broken trust factor. But the fact that if the Employer played the game fair. Gave fair and agreed compensation to the employee. And said employee fucks over the business owner by say stealing a large sum of honestly gaied currency. I can see where a person could easily lose it.

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