Van Driver Kills Woman While She Waits For Husband

A woman in India who was waiting on her husband to get done shopping at a nearby market was hit by a van that ploughed into her as she leaned against her husband’s truck …or whatever that thingamajig is. The van’s driver was apparently paying attention to the shops he was driving by and somehow lost control of his van causing him to crash into the woman. She was pronounced dead soon after. Pay attention when you drive, people. You got other people’s lives in your hands too.😡

14 thoughts on “Van Driver Kills Woman While She Waits For Husband

  1. Damn! Talk about bad timing… 2 seconds either way would have had severely different outcomes… Had she walk to the back of the pickup truck she would have been smashed in a little pieces… Had she waited two or three more seconds before walking to the truck and leaning on it … You see where I’m going with this? She would have missed being hit all together

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