TV Reporter Kiara Romero Attempts Suicide

Kiara Romero, a 29-year-old news reporter in the Dominican Republic attempted suicide by jumping out of her third floor apartment on November 29, 2018 in the city of San Pedro de Macoris. It was Kiara’s second attempt in as many days. It seems like the second attempt got her attention and opened her eyes a little. While recovering in the hospital she wrote the following on her social media, “Sometimes we believe that it may be our end or the end of something, and it is only an opportunity that God gives us to show us that we still have a lot to give, that we still have the best of us.” Kiara is still recovering from two fractured feet, two fractured hands, a head injury and she also injured her spine.

15 thoughts on “TV Reporter Kiara Romero Attempts Suicide

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