Man Takes Elderly Woman Hostage And Regrets It

Well.. actually I don’t think regret is what went through his head. Pretty sure that was a bullet. Anywho, this dumbass prick took an old lady hostage. Really? An old lady? Come on. It happened on Wednesday morning, December 5th in Valencia, Bahia, Brazil. The man busted into a jewelry store yelling at everyone and pointing his gun at them. He then proceeded to put all the jewels into his backpack and took off running. As he was running out of the store he saw police, so he grabbed the elderly woman and took her hostage. With a gun pointed at the woman the whole time, the man tried to move away from police but when the lady tripped and fell it gave cops the perfect opportunity to shoot him. And that’s exactly what they did. The man was pronounced dead on scene. I love that you can hear everybody cheer when he is shot dead. Like their favorite football team just scored. The lady, Tereza de Jesus Ferreira Sacramento, was taken to a local hospital for minor injuries and is recovering well.

13 thoughts on “Man Takes Elderly Woman Hostage And Regrets It

    • You mean like try to keep the subject in the frame at all times… Or what about try to keep the bottom of the subject aligned with the bottom of the screen or how about oh I don’t know , not wave the camera all over the place … I could go on but I think I hurt something on on that last one

  1. The rage of the crowd shows how every non-lowlife in Brazil is fed up with the general thuggery and crime that infests their nation. Hence the election of Bolsonaro on an anti crime and corruption platform. Good luck with that after decades of leftist “perpetual immoral subversion of the existing order“ doctrine.

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