Guy Gets Mowed Down By Driver Not Paying Attention

On December 2, 2018, a young guy in Brazil was walking down the street with his buddy when a speeding car came from out of nowhere and got real up close and personal real fast. Apparently, the driver was being a selfish prick and texting while driving. The dude walking noticed the car coming at him before it hit him and he instinctively took off running… right into the path of the car. The bad thing is.. it looks like if he would’ve just stayed where he was the car would’ve swerved just in time to miss him. Luckily for him he survived. Two broken legs but he survived.

12 thoughts on “Guy Gets Mowed Down By Driver Not Paying Attention

  1. Funny thing about fate… And yeah it appears as though if the guy had stayed put he would have been barely missed… And speaking of fate , no matter how far you run, when it finally get you…it always says quote gee ! Your right on time……. Oh sure dumbass ( stupid fishy) dive in FRONT of the car not to the right like a normal person would have…

  2. Truth of the matter is that the driver was going into the kerb when the vic took off towards the road. So how was he to know the jackass driver was going to correct at that second?

    Cruel ,cruel world…. you don’t need to look for trouble,when the time is right, Trouble looks for YOU!

    • Yeah! There you go now you’re thinking … Having both of his legs broken at the same time give him such a tremendous hard-on that he popped right up again on his third leg… Plus the fact that he’s a masochist well you know… He jumps up again screaming yeah!!! That was fucking awesome!!!

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