Woman Shot In The Head And Beaten

Woman Shot In The Head And Beaten

A man in some very bright orange pants is a little angry at the lady on the ground. I don’t know what she did but he felt it was bad enough to shoot her in the head. Maybe she cheated or took a bite out of his sandwich. I know I’d cut a bitch for eating my food so if that’s the case I think it was completely justified. I don’t know how many bullets he put in her head but he ran out of ammo and decided she needed a few taps to the head too. She looks dead already so she probably didn’t feel any of that but sometimes you just gotta get that aggression out.

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  1. That’s the price these kinda whores pay when they go about bra less wearing sleazy tank tops taunting faggots or the pimps giving no share of their money. for getting them to solicit customers.around brothels .
    The guy truly hated her to the point of hitting her with the revolver’s butt even after emptying the bullet chamber.
    She will be regarded as a brother Martyr amongst all the sluts

  2. A trailer for “chronicles of a sanitation/favela cartel member”!
    I hope there is Spanish or English subtitles when released, I’m interested. RIP lady……

  3. Hello fellow Gorriors!!! Greetings from Houston!! I FINALLY just registered to this website but I have been visiting it for a while. I have gotten quite a few laughs from y’alls comments! I hope everyone is enjoying their weekend unlike the lady featured in the video ☠️☠️☠️

    • @theluvmuscle Yes, I remember this was a wake up call to LAPD again they were outgunned. When Gates was Chief, he came up with creative devices to fuck over the citizens, such as the military style battering ram vehicle, wow.

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