Guts Galore

Guts Galore

Everyone’s just getting gutted lately, it must be a new trend. We had a guy earlier this week holding on to his insides and now we have another person with even more exposed. It took me a minute to be able to tell that this was a woman. I saw flowers on the shirt but that don’t mean shit with some of these metro types but then she turned on her side and I saw boobies. This lady is at least receiving medical attention so she’ll probably be alright. I don’t know how it happened but I’m gonna guess a stabbing….or perhaps that giant ass belt buckle sliced into her stomach while she was sitting.

14 thoughts on “Guts Galore

  1. Looks like abdominal aorta got sliced. Plus mesenteric. Too much blood out to make it. Someone did a proper gutting on her. Defensive wounds on her hands and forearms and that cut keeps going halfway around her side. Looks like whoever did it attacked her from behind, stuck her on her left front and dragged it all the way around to above her right hip. Some contempt for her womb there, maybe. Killing her seems secondary to the infliction of the wound.

  2. Those innards look like a bunch of sausages ready to be cooked..
    Perhaps the razor sharp belt buckle ; she wore did the damage and brought her insides, out . With her tossing and turning those medics are having a tough time in straightening her up but she is gonna live through the nightmare by being twice very shy of wearing those nasty kinda buckles. She may decide to settle for a lanyard instead .
    I am guessing she must have had slipped and suddenly had a fall on her belly resulting in that metal exposing that gnarly gore

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