Man Gets Killed In The Woods

Man Gets Killed In The Woods

A man is recorded surrounded by what I assume are not his friends. Friends don’t beat you and kill you right? At least that’s not my definition of friendship but in savage environments like this maybe it’s normal. The guy is already bleeding from his head probably from that weapon someone is swinging at him. It doesn’t take long for another guy to step in and end the fun with a shot to the head and then they start beating his body again with a couple of hits to the crotch. His ass would’ve definitely shot up after that so I think it’s safe to say RIP to this one.

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    • Wel i think the HOLE thing was just a FLASH IN THE PAN. However,the were GUNNING for him and i don’t think any pleas WOOD have stopped them . They were all FIRED UP. Either way they AXED any chance of him explaining his actions.

      I wonder if they RIFLED his pockets for money or valuables WADS of cash

    • Hey @theluvmuscle the whole of Brazil ,they say, is well forested ; leaving aside those areas where only worms in shanty towns; and slums thrive so when ya say scarce , it must apply to favelas alone.
      Most of the murders are committed where deep woods are and Brazil is a big jungle concealing victims and the assailants ,alike and police hardly gets a whiff of most crimes .

      • @blucon … We need more trees here and less cameras. Give it a few years when the Socialist, democrats take over and this place turns into a jungle. There will be trees aplenty and less cameras. The reality of human nature will once again be loosened upon the astonished idiots of the left who deny the reality of basic human nature and their ability to control it in their fascist, socialistic dreams.

        • Oh I don’t think there will be less cameras in the new agenda days. Probably be more and sensors such as thermal, motion, and possibly microphones positioned throughout the new “wilderness”. The devices once emplaced are to keep an eye and ear out for the movements and sound of the people who are able to get out of the living zones to which they are assigned. Once detected they will become the subject of an apb and targeted for final dispatching by ai equipped flying drones.

      • Hey Bro @blucon When some suggests a walk in the woods, watch out, unless they have some good stuff 😉 The headline had me humming:
        Into the woods,
        It’s time to go,
        I hate to leave,
        I have to, though.
        Into the woods-
        It’s time, and so
        I must begin my journey.
        — Into The Woods

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