Drugged Up Bitch Running From Cops Drops Her Baby

This dumb bitch is Kayla Morgan from Marion County, FL. Apparently, Kayla was running in and out of traffic barking like a dog at cars. That ain’t the worst part though. Kayla had her baby in her arms the entire time. She was also high on meth and molly(MDMA). When cops arrived and tried to get her to calm down.. she took off with the child. While running from the cops she threw the baby down on the street and kept running. The cops eventually had to tase her to get her to chill the fuck out. She was arrested and admitted she had been high on meth and molly for three days and that she thought the cop was a monster trying to suck her blood. She also said she remembered putting the baby down but not throwing the child. Yeah, alrighty then. The baby had a fractured skull but is recovering with the grandmother who now has custody. Ugh, this ugly bitch in her mugshot makes me wanna knock her teeth out. If she has any left from the meth. Oh, and she is still in jail as of right now.

49 thoughts on “Drugged Up Bitch Running From Cops Drops Her Baby

  1. What a fucking cunt…she’s either lying,or had to be on something else other than Molly and meth to be seeing blood sucking anything,or up a hellova lot longer than 3days…..i mean from personal experience,I’ve done plenty of thizz,actual x..(molly is just straight mdma…only provides euphoria) on meth,up for weeks at a time,and NEVER thrown a baby…ESPECIALLY MY BABY! TF?!?…Homegirl needs to learn how to handle her own,or just stick to being either a druggie or a mommy….. These young bucks,are straight dumbfucks yo…smfh…πŸ˜‘πŸ˜‘

  2. And to think vermin like that is procreating.
    I guess she was looking for some bonding experiences with her baby.
    ……hmm, let me see…. I think I’ll shoot some meth, pop some MDMA, and run down the Interstate while barking at cars…
    Family memories one can treasure.

  3. The Great Morgan Clan made it all the way from Scotland by way of New York, in the 1840s, and have been traveling, generation after generation, down the East Coast of the U.S. to finally end up in Marion County, Florida, in which they currently take up residence. Somewhere during their long journey a Gypsy man named Zohreb, from parts unknown, placed an evil spell on their bloodline, which, to this day works it’s evil by making the previously beautiful women of the Morgan Clan to appear as if Zohreb himself were looking out from their faces on the day of the third month after their birth. To this day, the women of the Clan claim that on that day, three months after giving birth to their beautiful Morgan daughters, they look down upon them and see their own Zohreb cursed faces change into their own image. With a snarl and a sneer the mothers throw their own daughters to the ground and howl like mad wolves and banshees and run in circles as if Zohreb were still alive and chasing them. That’s why the Morgan Clan girls look so fucking mean and pissed off ugly.

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