Russian Nutjob Kills Man And Injures Another By Beating Them With Wooden Board

On November 16, 2018 in Kaluga, Russia.. a 28-year-old man casually walked up behind two people walking and hit them both in the back of the head with a wooden board. The first man hit goes down but was still conscious. The second man is hit once and is knocked out completely. The first man is then hit one more time but manages to keep the man from hitting him again. There’s a dude on the phone that witnesses the entire thing as he is walking by but keeps on walkin’. Then, two random women come around and try to check on the two men which eventually makes the attacker leave the scene. Police were called and the unconscious man was brought to a local hospital where he died soon after. He never regained consciousness after he was hit. The police later found the crazy dude in an abandoned house and arrested him. He apparently had a very long criminal record and will spending quite a long time in prison.

8 thoughts on “Russian Nutjob Kills Man And Injures Another By Beating Them With Wooden Board

  1. Flashy outfits , short statured subjects on the scene made it look like a video having emerged from china but for a country like Russia it was meant to be the opposite
    Anyway the one down and flattened out beside the one who managed to avoid getting clubbed was way too quick in ducking away as the man with the wooden bar came fucking so undecided that he missed every opportunity to knock the hell outta him dead & cold.
    Where is the peg of VODKA Vladimir asshole ?

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