Man Dragged Behind Motorcycle In Haiti

With all the anti-corruption protests going on in Haiti right now.. there is chaos everywhere and it’s getting more dangerous by the day. And this video definitely shows that. A man is shown being dragged behind a motorcycle. The man looks like he is already dead and has several injuries to his body. I’m not sure if they killed him by dragging him or if he was dead when they tied him to the motorcycle. Either way, what a terrible way to go. Get your shit together, Haiti.

16 thoughts on “Man Dragged Behind Motorcycle In Haiti

  1. I’ve always said burning alive is the worst way to go. Being dragged on the pavement, alive, is the worst way to go.

    At least with fire there’s a chance smoke overcomes you and you pass out. It looks like this person was dead or unconscious.

    Guess razors are too expensive on the island nation.

  2. > Haiti
    > “get your shit toguether”

    BAAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHHAHAH!!! 😆 Good one… That will never be possible though. Ever since they genocided every white person in there, that country has already been through several famines and dozens of economic collapses, on which ‘muricah keeps injecting money and sending aid hopelessly just to “prove” white people that “blacks can have a society on their own!”. Meanwhile nigglets eat mud cookies for food in there and they live among ruins and trash that they created…

    Haiti is a disaster, it’s what happens when you offer independence to a land and leave it only for niggers to control. The proof that niggers can’t live in a society independent from white’s interference.

  3. Haiti is where road rollers are not wanted when the roads are hot mixed …………. it’s the chosen men from each family who live up to it in serving the society at large . This man did his job making his family proud leaving his spouse go smiling away to the banking vault to enjoy her family pension here and after his sacrificial “BLISTERING HOT ROAD RUB”
    It’s not HATE ..EE ! it’s Haiti !! mind ya . I am telling ya.

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