14-Year-Old Cambodian Boy Electrocuted

Since this is from Cambodia and Khmer is a godawful language to have to translate.. I really have no idea what happened here. What I got out of the translation was that this is the 14-year-old son of a well known woman who was a Pop Model in Cambodia. This incident happened last month on October 17, 2018.. when the boy apparently tried to climb over a fence and didn’t notice a live wire hanging over it. He somehow touched the wire and was immediately electrocuted and killed. What’s even worse is that the boy’s dead body had to stay draped over the fence for hours until all electricity could be turned off while his body was removed, causing his mother to have to witness her dead son in a horrible manner. The video shows the boy’s distraught mother screaming and crying and then it cuts to a news report which shows the boy’s body in the background. Poor kid.

8 thoughts on “14-Year-Old Cambodian Boy Electrocuted

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