Sick Fuck Gets A Light Beating By Aunt After He Rapes His Own Mother

The man in the video getting beat is in his late 20’s and from India. He is being accused of raping his own mother multiple times and even getting her pregnant.. forcing her to have an abortion. The women in the video are his aunt and his grandmother. If what they’re saying is true then the should’ve brought out a machete instead of la chancla.๐Ÿคจ

The translation is below:

MAN: Stop hitting me. Lets be civil.
AUNT: I wont let you go after what you did to my sister!(his mother)
MAN: Sit down and lets talk peacefully.
GRANDMOTHER: You sit down first!
AUNT: You want me to be civil after what you just did? To your mother?
AUNT: You’ve accustomed a liking for sex? Your own mother??
MAN: Please sit down and listen to me.
AUNT: You mother just had an abortion because of you!
AUNT: She is back from the hospital after you fucked her and got her pregnant!
GRANDMOTHER: You just ruined your entire life and ours!!

23 thoughts on “Sick Fuck Gets A Light Beating By Aunt After He Rapes His Own Mother

  1. The bearded beast seems so guilt ridden that he doesn’t have much to say except a one liner ,which he utters so musically ,”Please sit down and listen to me.” as if there is a band about to play.
    After raping his mom I think he was fantasizing raping his aunt whose bust line he kept eyeing while never forgetting the slogan, Please sit down & let your melons be squeezed by me.
    If his grand mother wasn’t around , he would have grabbed her titties too saying . “Please sit down and lemme please suck and fuck ya.too.”
    Be a witness or a party , not to incestual behavior ,nip the evil in the bud.

  2. The choice for a foot wear was bad . For a good lesson to
    have been taught to the beast of unburden , when and when not to control sexual urges , the three of them namely mother , the aunt and the grand mother should have had caught him by loosening his hair and tightly gripping his months old unwashed beard reaching his bush laden prick and heaved him around like a rag doll.
    Most of all ; why did the mother didn’t report him to the police leaves everyone in a quandary.

  3. Why? Why? Why? Why? What in this man’s sick sick head makes him think that it would be okay to do that to his own mother??? Just don’t make any sense… As old as he is is she still really hot?? It wouldn’t even matter why am I even asking but this guy is just mentally sick in the head… What is it that he could possibly say right now that would make this okay? Nothing that’s what… This sick sikh needs to have his weenie wacked with a machete

  4. Where was the husband and father, Mr. Singh, the Sikh, in all of this family calamity? Perhaps Mrs. Singh was a widow and enjoyed the sexual advances and the titillating thrill of violating the taboos of mother and son sexual encounters. Doesn’t seem, from what the story says, there was much of a protest on her part. Perhaps Johnny Boy Singh was just doin’ old Ma a favor.

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