Dumb Girl Live Streams Her “Attempted Suicide” But Just Ends Up Breaking A Leg

This retarded ass teenager is live streaming her “attempted suicide”.πŸ™„ But why is she about to jump off her balcony? Because her parents refused to bring her a “Fo Fo Fo” aka a Four for Four from Wendy’s. Which is where you can get four food items for $4 ..for you people that eat at fancier places like me aka Taco Bell and don’t know that. She goes up to the second floor and pretends she’s gonna kill herself as she jumps but just ends up breaking a leg and fracturing a rib. I think she thought she’d land on her feet and just end up looking cool or some shit. Or maybe she really was trying to kill herself over somebody not bringing her food. I can relate to that.

34 thoughts on “Dumb Girl Live Streams Her “Attempted Suicide” But Just Ends Up Breaking A Leg

  1. That certainly is one of the most retarded events I’ve ever seen. But not surprising.

    Note to all American parents: if you have your kids in public school systems in any larger city, they get to experience the joy of learning alongside tribespeople like this five days a week.

  2. For Four for Four this over pampered little whore came down crashing on the floor and what did she get outta all the gimmickery , a brokem leg and a fractured rib but her body took the brunt over and above a little more for sure.
    Now that’ live streaming herself was some fucking food for thought !

      • Lol nah bro, you got my meaning exactly right. And yup, there are plenty of idiots in every race. But from time to time, like when it’s some all out catfight brawl involving some ghetto “hoes” run rampant, I cringe. Only thing about this chick was that I did have to admit, she had a nice ass. Maybe it’s the African in me, but I still appreciate a thick female like that. Speaking only physically of course. I doubt I could stand to have a conversation past asking her her name. lol

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