Pastor Shot During Church Service In Brazil

A pastor in Mogi das Cruzes, Brazil, was shot on Sunday, November 11, 2018 in the middle of giving his weekly sermon. While the pastor was preaching.. a 30-year-old man walked into the church and proceeded to walk right up to the pastor as he pulled a gun out and the shot the man. He also shot at a couple other people but only managed to graze one other person as he was tackled by a church member. The pastor was taken to a hospital and is expected to survive. I have no idea what caused the man to want to shoot the pastor, but apparently church members beat the shit out of him a little bit before police arrived because police said he needed medical attention before he was taken to jail.

28 thoughts on “Pastor Shot During Church Service In Brazil

    • Haha! Bro @blucon I woulda shot him too for preaching his shit and expecting the poor to give their 10% as these small church’s do. He rips them off to drive a nice car and wear expensive jewlery. Too bad he didn’t get to see the Holy Ghost after giving up the ghost!

      • While these Pastors indulge in all sorts of dirty activities yet they have the cheeks to preach to the others . Siphoning off money comes easy for them in the name of donations that makes poor people become even more poorer for the fear instilled in them that if the benefactions are not made they and their folks will face the rage of almighty .
        And yes you are right bro@borntorun about their posh life style ,wearing expensive jewlery. driving around in some nice cars all at the cost of poor people and they have no qualms about it .
        I hope ya are doing well BTW sometime back you had gone missing for a while was that to take a break or ya were simply caught up with some work. Stay put and take care.

      • Water down there is deep , dark and mucky and you can’t be wrong in your thinking cause Brazil is synonymous with thefts murders craziest happening on the hour every hour and every other moron that has migrated or been born there is a combo of all of the above which can be any viz; committing an offence, unlawful act, illegal act, breach,violation ,infraction of the law, misdemeanour, misdeed, wrong, felony, violation, transgression, all of the above recipes put together makes for a country
        whom the world hates but the gore sites are deeply in love with.

  1. I can see flags of Israel and Brazil in the background and it did have the feel of Evangelical Christianity about it,something loved by new President Bolsonaro. Many of these Evangelical Christians are Christian Zionists who love Israel and it would thus explain the Israeli flag in the background.

    • Great vid but the prick who bit the guard’s nose? I would whip him to an inch of his life and then shove the cop’s baton up his asshole…in public of course . All as a warning to the other non-believers,and I mean believers of civilized behaviour not just in Jesus.

      Some cunni ,friend, need a good beating and killing..know what I mean?


  2. @blucon i almost died laughing when i read your first comment.

    What there not telling us is dude looked like a zombie to the poor bystander who was packing heat.he didnt know the preachers eyes roll back in his head and starts frothing at the mouth speaking in tounges.classic false alarm for z day

  3. Preachers at most times falsify and yet the crowd thinks he is interceding with the higher powers up above and talking the biblical truth which no one must stand up to and question cause he alone sees him and intercedes to him . They come well prepared to befool the gatherings at large .
    Here in this case the pastor was well pasteurized with lead to set him free of bacterias and viruses ,and even
    to rid him off from the burden for having to carry weight of the bible ,so no more worries @queeg0909 . Hi hope you are keeping well and what about your chick ? are you gelling well now ??

  4. The pastor probably had it coming… Probably driving a brand new Rolls-Royce living up on top of the hill in a gorgeous Villa… Complete with Central courtyard… while everybody else in the village suffers and starves … In their mutually assured idea that they will all go to heaven because they gave all they could in offerings to their Church… Meanwhile the shooters sister dies at home in bed in a little tiny shack because you guessed it his family didn’t have enough money to make an offering to the church so God was upset… So this is what they were told by this pastor most likely

    • Fuck organized religion… God doesn’t punish anyone there is no hell no devil… Why would you send someone someplace with no instructions and then punish them when they come back having done it wrong ?? no God I know I would do that …not my God……. Oops sorry!!! You picked the wrong religion! You see it’s a game show… With so many religions to choose from what sick bastard would make you choose one and then punish you for having chosen the wrong one… The way it really goes down is that God doesn’t care how you worship IT …. GOD IS ALL THINGS THERE IS NO SECOND THING IN EXISTENCE THERE IS ONE THING IN EXISTENCE THAT THING IS GOD AND A LITTLE CONSIDERATION WOULD BE NICE

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