Retro Gore: Patient Set On Fire

Retro Gore: Patient Set On Fire

This is an oldy but a goody and worth posting on the site, I think. This happened back in 2016 where CCTV catches multiple patients receiving dialysis treatment at Tirana Hospital in Alabania. A fellow patient, Lefter Canaj, approaches one of the men and douses him in gasoline. A bit of a scuffle ensues but shortly after the crazy guy lights the man on fire and the whole room goes up in flames. Three patients died including the attacker while the target suffered severe injuries. Apparently there had been an argument earlier between the two which is believed to be the cause of the arson. I don’t know what level of crazy you have to be to decide to set a man on fire over an argument…why not keep it simple like keying their car or leaving a bag of burning dog shit on their porch? Those were the good ol’ days.

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  1. You must always be ready for somebody to throw gasoline on you, no matter where you are!
    Doctor- “This guy just got drenched with gasoline, wait a second, let me finish up first before I can stop that guy from lighting him and possibly everything up”

  2. Weather at Alabania .that day was very cold and the patients had prayed for some fire to warm themselves up and in the name of Vulcan , and Gods of fire ; their wish was immediately fulfilled .😜 😝

    Therefore be careful what you wish for !! πŸ˜ƒ πŸ˜† 😁

  3. He didn’t start the fire
    It always kept burning since the patients were yearning
    He didn’t start the fire
    No, He did sorta light it, but the patients tried to fight it

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    He really did start the fire
    Though it kept always burning since the patients were yearning
    He did start the fire
    No , He tried sorta light it up , and the patients tried to fight it up.

  4. Man1: “The room is too cold!”
    Man2: “The heater is broken.”
    Man1: “Fix it then!”
    Man2: “…I’ll fix you instead…”
    Man1: “What was that?”
    Man2: “Nothing, nothing… I’ve got something to warm you up though.”
    Man1: “Ohh good, what’s that?”
    Man2: *lights everything on fire* “Is it warm enough for you now!?”
    Man1: “This is fine. Thanks!” πŸ˜†

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