Woman Has Hands Cut Off And Face Chopped In Half But Still Alive

I’m not sure when or where this took place but dear baby Jesus… it’s pretty effin crazy. A man is shown laying in a bed… dying. Both hands have been chopped off and he has been chopped right through the face with a machete. His face is basically cut in half. But that isn’t the worst part. The worst part is that the man is still alive and seems to be aware of what’s happening to some extent. You can hear his relatives in the background screaming and crying as the man tries to breathe. I am sure he didn’t live much longer but I can imagine every moment seemed like hours. No info on what the man did to warrant such a brutal death.

UPDATE: Apparently, it’s a woman. ๐Ÿคท๐Ÿปโ€โ™€๏ธ

82 thoughts on “Woman Has Hands Cut Off And Face Chopped In Half But Still Alive

  1. The cheated man must have been so angst ridden that he mustered all the blunt force ; he could , to hack her face in to nearly two halves. Her paramour should have also been hacked that way side by side for the other two timers to take dried up leaves outta their defaced and torn books for lessons
    and repercussions in infidelity to learn .
    I must say that man must have had really frothed with seething anger .

  2. I bet my eyes that her husband cheated on her too, almost every man cheat. But when women decide to act like men (by cheating, divorcing, fucking a lot of guys, being independent or just being a bad bitch), this is what happens. I’m telling you, the world would be better off without men. We should be like the amazons, slave them all and just use their dicks once in a while for reproduction purpose. They cant find clitoris anyway.

  3. Itโ€™s pretty amazing how people in these situations are composed enough to decide to take their phones out. Thatโ€™s kinda the last thing that would be on my mind.
    I hope that woman died shortly after. Thatโ€™s a hell of an immense amount of suffering.

  4. That screaming in the background goes along with that banging sound. Iโ€™m gonna bet that someone else is having body parts removed also and without anesthesia and probably with filthy implements such as an axe or machete. Poor womanโ€™s face opens up like Terrance and Phillips faces do and thatโ€™s funny and thatโ€™s what this video needs is some humor because there is some evil being brought down on these people. Damn. This is harsh.

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