Hands And Feet Cut Off

Hands And Feet Cut Off

This is an old video documenting the punishment of two thieves back in the 90’s in Somalia. Clearly, not much has changed in the past couple of decades as there’s still plenty of countries who use amputation as a form of punishment. The men are tied up and the first has his right hand cut off while the other is lucky enough to have a hand and foot removed. I must say I’m very impressed with their cutting abilities. They managed to slice them off quickly and the guys got a nice plastic bag as a souvenir. Thieves are fucking scum so I say they got what they deserved. If I knew this was a potential punishment I sure as shit wouldn’t try to steal anything but perhaps I put more value in my hands and feet than these guys.

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  1. Somalian beasts all looking happily converged in a house of no rising sun and because of the dark tanned skin of theirs
    even the SUN seemed to have shied away that very day.
    funnily enough the gathered crowd in that shady four walled carpeted slum looked mightily anxious as if they were about to witness a wedding reception thereafter to a gate crashing welcome for a sumptuous dinner ..
    I wonder how many more were merged within the crowd who basically were the same as the ones who were punished with butter knife chops.
    Chefs and the Butchers must look out for knives as sharp as the ones these beasts own for it will serve a good purpose in their profession .

    Thieves knew what was coming but they still indulged doing , what they couldn’t do without and paid for it.

  2. Holy cow! I believe that is a much to short a video. Those knives🔪are way too sharp! I’m gonna have to watch that video several more times so that I feel punishment was adequate for these thieves. I’ve gotten used to the cartel videos where it takes a while to cut🔪off a head with a chainsaw or a necklacing video where it takes some time to build up the core heat of a tire🔘 for it to really get going, or the one from India where the locals take the prisoners from the jail⚖️ and then spend some time stoning the criminals. Now I’m off to watch the super quick🔪cutting off of appendages. Thanks for the posting!!

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