Apparent Child Sacrifice Shows Child’s Decapitated Head

Okay, I’m gonna start off by saying this is most likely 100% fake. What had happened was… there was a festival in the small Indian village of Khakhla, where apparently a lot of witchcraft and all that jazz happens. There’s been rumors for years that child sacrifices were going on during the festival but no one could prove it. Anywho, this video of part of the festival.. seemingly shows a child’s decapitated head being carried by several men and at the head of them is a man with a bloody sword. The video got around from village to village and people started flipping the eff out about it. Mainly because lately there has been a huge rise in child kidnappings in India. So people freaked and started screaming “Hide yo kids..” and shit. Locals got so upset about the video they demanded police look into it and investigate it. The police came back saying that it was fake and the video was a “magic trick”. It eased some of their minds but the majority of locals believe police only told them it was fake to shut them up and to not cause any more panic. I really have no clue if it’s fake or not. I can only hope it was a stupid prank or some kind of display for the festival. What isn’t fake is that several men have been lynched due to being accused of taking part in child sacrifices. Get your shit together, India.

16 thoughts on “Apparent Child Sacrifice Shows Child’s Decapitated Head

  1. Fake as fuck! People are laughing and there is a festive air about it. Ie I can hear drums and crap in the background.

    No doubt just a recreation of some Hindu myth etc.

    Having said that ,children are kidnapped and murdered /sacrificed for perversion and their organs in India.

    One good thing the British Rule (Raj) did in India was stamp out thuggeeism and suttee ie the ritual murder of travellers and the burning of your live widow after your own death. Oh…and an excellent rail network of course.

    • Listen it happens all around the world, USA, UK and as a continent Africa etc organ trafficking, and especially child sacrifices undercover for the hierarchy that are in a secret society if you understand, one of my friends was investigating a case and was shut down on every avenue, and forced to go onto another case indirectly. And that was in the UK

  2. Haha !! Here is where fakism has been taken to its peak and guess what this is some sorta enactment .The sword has no bloody blood and most of all that’s not the color of the blood anyway . Look at the sword and man wielding it ,he hardly has few more breaths left before that festival comes to an end .
    The crowd are mere actors bought for a few bucks and at the end of it all they will have a hail and hearty laugh before they eat and fart .
    That little head is made to rest in a way as if to make it appear as decapitated and while he seems sedated ;he lays lain ; neck below to his feet since he is cleverly covered in a white bed sheet in a hollow casket , enough for a monkey of that size to do some dramatics and have loads of kiddish fun.
    I swear ..All are fakesters!

  3. If it’s fake, that kid did a damn good job of not twitching or anything.

    I mean how can he not wince or frown when that guy with the big teeth starts chanting at the :47 mark?
    If there was ever a time to grow one of them mustaches, now would be the time

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