Woman Hits Bus Driver Causing Him To Crash Bus Killing 15

On October 28, 2018 a bus carrying 15 people crashed into the Yangtze River in China.. killing all 15. The video shows a woman hitting the driver and causing him to lose control of the bus. Apparently, the woman missed her stop and demanded the bus driver stop the bus, when he refused she became enraged and attacked him. The driver lost control and hit another car before the bus went flying into the water below. 13 of the 15 bodies have been recovered. The person in the car that was hit was injured but is recovering. Was throwing a tantrum really worth dying over? Dumb. Bitch.

48 thoughts on “Woman Hits Bus Driver Causing Him To Crash Bus Killing 15

  1. Wow, what a stupid move. Start a fight with the man who LITERALLY has not just YOUR life, but the lives of everyone around you in their hands. Oh, and that person has direct control of a 10 ton vehicle moving at high speed over probably a hundred feet in the air over open water. Now THAT makes all the sense in the world.

    • @ipconfig I wonder why Chinese at most times can be so insensible . Both driver and the
      woman must have had thought they were
      out in the park and all of a sudden from out of nowhere it all got flared up in between the two of them.
      The driver has a hold and total control on a 10 tonner beast and when in motion its a super beast as we see it .The idiot driver and the woman fighting over some issue and the other 15 ill fated passengers will now be able to sort it out in their deathly abode cum embrace up above looking down at the bus they ascended from . From where they can never return now.

        • With their brains in their knees these Chinese must try keeping a cool composure especially when they are behind wheels compromising the lives of so many and causing deaths of so many Where was the Goddamn conductor and why right at the very threshold of the bridge the driver didn’t make it a point to stop and report her to the authorities for being such a nuisance. Anyway their final destination tickets were truly authenticated for making entry at the hell’s door and now the entire lot is sipping bowls of maggot soup and shedding tears of blood; but the devil is ain’t coming back that quick cause he is out to Las Vegas to unwind and bed some bitches
          Perish you Chinky fuckers!

        • Reckon is something Aussies and sailors do… Nautical terminology for figuring out ones current position based on an older, known datum or position. Same as saying “I think”. Then there is the old “it’s time we come to a reckoning here”, which means “let’s figure this shit out now” or “we need to come to an understanding now”. Then there is the term “dead reckoning”, which means you think you know where you are based on where you’ve been but aren’t really sure where you’ve been, exactly. Seat of the pants stuff. Comes in handy as an Aussie or a sailor when you’ve been drinking heavily and need to reckon your way home. Right @hopingfornemesis? Good word.

      • When I looked at the end, as soon as the bus started to go over, you can see almost no reaction from the driver. Now THAT’S cold AND insensible lol. He was just like “fuck it” we all may die, but at last I got to slap that bitch back!!”

  2. ….on second thought. Do you think, maybe, just maybe, her screeching took him over the top and left him no choice but to ram the bridge?
    I know this theory is way out there, but have you ever been the victim of an angry old Chinese lady?
    Hell on earth!

  3. The dumbass driver should have had braked and dealt with the bitchy woman first hand first instead of indulging in a brawl and continuing with the vehicle with his fucking feet on the gas paddle . Because of these two weirdos 15 people had their passports to the other world signed , stamped and torn apart .
    Yangtze River of China and the crocodiles therein will have a feast of their life time for a day atleast.

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