Woman Is Hit And Killed By Flying Tire

Talk about some Final Destination shit. On November 1, 2018.. a 54-year-old woman leaving her job as a cashier at a shopping center in Moscow, Russia, was killed when a rogue tire flew into her. The woman was on her way home from work and about to get into a taxi when the tire came out of nowhere. Patrol services had chased the tire for 500 meters when it hit the woman. The poor lady didn’t have a chance and never even saw it coming. She died instantly on scene.

24 thoughts on “Woman Is Hit And Killed By Flying Tire

  1. Am I the only one surprised that she didn’t see it coming? Yes, it was moving fast, but a 3 foot truck tire is visible from enough distance to step out of it’s way even in those lighting conditions. I was expecting the tire to come from anywhere but head on, and amazingly she wasn’t staring down at a phone.

  2. This is the real life version of Dane Cook’s standup.
    “How did Mary die?”
    “A tire hit her in the face!”
    “What was she doing putting her face near tires?”
    “No, this tire hunted Mary down. It was out for vengeance, and it wasn’t fucking around!”

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