Woman Is Chased Down And Murdered By Husband And His Nephew

On October 27, 2018.. around 9:00AM, 38-year-old Valdiandrea D’arc de Almeida was chased down and shot three times by her husband and his nephew in Vicentinópolis, Goiás, Brazil.
Valdiandrea’s husband, Ronaldo Cabral Franco, 43, accused the woman of betraying him and called upon his 19-year-old nephew,
Carlos Humberto da Silva Filho, to help him murder the woman. The two men started off chasing Valdiandrea while she was in her car and they were in another. She got blocked in somehow so the woman jumped out of the car and took off running down the street.. the men took off chasing her. The nephew gets close enough and shoots the woman in the back as she falls to the ground. He goes to run away but then quickly comes back and points the gun to her head but it’s out of ammo. While the nephew reloads the gun, the woman’s husband grabs her by the arm. The nephew then points the gun at Valdiandrea’s face and fires. Before they leave he shoots her again in the head and she dies instantly. Both men have been arrested and confessed to the murder. Ronaldo Cabral Franco claimed the murder was justified because the woman betrayed him after being with him for nine years. I am assuming this means she cheated on him. Police released information that stated the wife had previously filed a police report on her husband for abuse a year ago. The husband and nephew were taken to Pontalina Prison where if convicted they’ll serve 12 to 30 years. Well.. at least the divorce rate ain’t going any higher in Brazil.

13 thoughts on “Woman Is Chased Down And Murdered By Husband And His Nephew

  1. How stupid of them.
    Everyone knows you’re supposed to kidnap her, tie her up and take her to a jungle setting.
    Then slowly eviserate, or set fire to her, all while filming for our viewing pleasure. Oh yea, while throwing gang signs, and saying how bad you, and your fellow cholos are.
    Kids these days!

  2. I liked the way Valdiandrea D’arc de Almeida tried fleeing away from her killer husband but she was much too slow on her feet and not nimble enough
    If only while cheating on him she had to go learning how to sprint she would have had outrun both .
    Finally the two will be perishing sooner than later in the prisons of Brazil and we’ll have another stories about them having been done to death by the prison mob.
    The maniac husband chose killing as preferable choice than divorcing her . Fuck the Brazilians

  3. Unfortunately, Brazil is one of the countries with the highest rates of femicide in the world. That poor woman was trying to leave this abusive bastard and live in peace, she probably didn’t even cheat (as if it’s a plausible excuse for murdering a wife). Fuck… Hope those sons o’ bitches rot in hell.

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