Man Hanging On Wires Gets Electrocuted

I really don’t know what’s going on with this video. I don’t know if this dude was being stupid and acting like a dumbass monkey hanging from some wires or if he was attempting suicide and just being a drama queen about it. I have a feeling he was just being stupid and got himself into a bad position. He looks like he is trying to swing over to the left so he can reach the building but touches the wrong part of the wire and is immediately electrocuted. You can see his body go stiff as his hands let go of the wires and he falls to the ground. He makes a nice little splat when he hits the ground but I’m sure the electrocution already took him out, so I doubt he felt it. Happened in Mumbai yesterday.

24 thoughts on “Man Hanging On Wires Gets Electrocuted

  1. Without the real cable cars; this is what one has to resort to , in ASIA . He was only giving a demo as to how cable cars and
    the cable guys effectively can move to and from to the other end avoiding hustle bustle and the peak hour traffic woes
    All in all this guy wins hands down for that terrific dangling and out of this world performance .
    Sadly this trip , tripped his day lights off.

  2. I was shocked, dumbstruck, and amazed by this post. In all my time at rigoremortis this is a first!
    I’m floored!
    These people actually gathered around to render aide.
    Is this some isolated enclave high in the Himalayan’s, yet undiscovered? Some bizarre sect we never heard of.
    I need to roll a blunt!

    • The aid rendered looked to be more damaging to his injuries than his injuries may have been. See the way that first guy grabbed him up and jerked him over before letting him fall to the hard surface. With a fractured neck or back that may not have been cracked or broken too far to be saved that guys mishandling of him would’ve been opportunity to further injure the man four or more times over. Immobilize the victim and wait for medical personnel. But from what I’ve seen of these people they are little better than the first man to grab him.

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