This Is How You Lose Pants In An Accident

This Is How You Lose Pants In An Accident

This is a super short video but it tickled my funny bone. We see accidents all the time where people lose their clothes, especially their pants, and I’m always wondering where the fuck did they go? I see more and more videos of these drag races in the streets where cars are doing their little spins and people stand way too close and get taken out. This idiot looked to be right in the middle of the street and with all of the dust flying up there’s no way the driver was gonna be able to see him and sure as hell wouldn’t have been able to stop. The guy gets hit with the back of the car as it’s mid spin and does a little flip in the air which causes his pants to fall down…tada!! I think he’s trying to pull the whole ‘I ain’t hurt, I’m fine’ bit and quickly pulls his pants up like a cheap $2 whore getting caught in a back alley. Maybe next time he’ll stick to the side walk.

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  1. That’s a dude? I thought twas a…lolz..nice road rash on the you’ll wear skinnier jeans

    Oh,and 🎃happy Halloween everyone! 🎃
    Wishing you and yours ALL a fun and safe one!! My favorite holiday,other than my birthday!! ❤

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