Boy Gets Hit With Wrench For Stealing From His Father

A teenage boy from London is shown being hit with a wrench by his father for stealing money from him. The boy stole around $7,500 and went on a shopping spree. He bragged about having the money on Snapchat when he took pictures of himself surrounded by money and new shit. But he did remember to block his dad off social media before he made the posts. Well, little genius didn’t think anyone would tell his father I guess. So dad put little bro in charge of filming the entire thing while he beat his son with a wrench. The teen is a little dramatic. I mean, he wasn’t even hitting him that hard. And his thievin’ ass didn’t care he was taking his dad’s money while he was buying designer clothes and perfume. The first vid is of the beating. The second vid is the full 8 minute video if you wanna watch the dad go nuts for 8 minutes til Mom runs in to save the kid.

The FULL video is below.

32 thoughts on “Boy Gets Hit With Wrench For Stealing From His Father

  1. That’s awesome hahahahaha. I bet the kid had a WICKED time blowing dads money. Bet it was well worth the beating! Hookers & cocaine are a fabulous mixture! Guaranteed he’s getting a wicked beating when dad goes to collect in 2 days & ends up seeing empty pockets OR the kid is just gonna hide out & hope for him to just forget about it. Bet that’s the last time he will ever steal from Dad again tho. Bet he won’t even steal a beer from him after that night!

    • Silly kid is lucky. I would beat him longer and not with a wrench, as that is overkill and would maim the fool. I would use a switch. I would beat him for the humiliation and more for being so fucken stupid to brag about it and putting it on Snapchat. First he is cuntish enough to steal from family and then you are stupid enough to brag to the world about it. Come here! I will knock some sense into you!

    • A dad has gotta do ; what a dad has to @re-pete
      Lucky is the fucker who is not reported to the police for if that had to happen he would be in the jail and dad wouldn’t have cared one bit .
      Whether its his biological or the step dad this guy would have made anyone lose their sanity for that moment . You feed somebody , get robbed & stolen of your possessions being under the same roof from your own …that calls for stern measures and the words like mercy just slip away from the mind

      • @blucon
        It’s sounds like they should be speaking another language, which makes this actually kinda funny to me.
        Funny like watching a movie in hardcore China, but all the Chinese are speaking to each other in English.

  2. I was wondering how a dad could beat his son like that (even if he deserved it), but I think it’s really his stepdad. The kid keeps calling him Willie over and over and at 7:09 he says he swears on his dad’s grave.
    Ol Willie gave it to him good tho!
    You take Willie’s💰and you get the🔧!!!

  3. He’s not from London, he travelled to London, and don’t mess with the Irish. Willie is a G he will kill you with his bare fists, the boy was lucky and his mother stepped in, otherwise he would have had a few full whacks on his head. As Willie said “mongerel”

  4. When the dad is with a fag never ever on a sofa facing him try to shag .. This dude went overboard back answering and when that happens it either are the blows or a hit from a wrench .
    Well atleast he can go to the loo and do what he wants , but as for the act of stealing committed he should have been given a proper dressing down with some of more hits to his banana face.

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