Man Stabs His Roommate In Broad Daylight

On October 20th of this year a man was stabbed to death in broad daylight outside of his apartment by his roommate in Moscow, Russia. The two men had an apartment together along with three other women. Uh, what is this, Real World: Senior Citizen cycle? The two men got into an argument about the rent and that’s when one of the men took out a knife and started stabbing the other. The victim died on the scene.

15 thoughts on “Man Stabs His Roommate In Broad Daylight

  1. That was one angry Russian
    He must have used a 10” carving knife. Did you see how deep that fucking thing went in. The withdrawal was also superb, he almost had to put his foot on him to pull it out!
    The Brazil Nuts could learn a thing or two from this guy.
    Bravo Boris

  2. At least one very drunk Russian there who has lost his friend and will pay for it in a Russian prison. Idiot! How many times does one need to stab another!

    I can’t stand people who use drugs or alcohol for an excuse when murdering others. The moment I hear they are long -term drug users or drug-takers , I am immediately against them. I don’t care you didnt know what you were doing!
    You knew substance-abuse fucks you up! Wear it!

  3. At the :13 mark, that’s when you say “Ok no problem friend, you don’t have to pay rent anymore, my treat, plus the next 6 rounds are on me…” you know, it’s ok to lie your way out of death.

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