Idiot On Moped

Idiot On Moped

This is a pretty pathetic video of a wannabe badass trying to act tough and cool but failing miserably. First he pulls up on a damn moped, not even a legit motorcycle which makes it even funnier. He’s all impatient and mad wanting the guy in front of him to move and gives a little beep beep with his baby bike. I looked cooler at age 4 on my big wheel than this douche. The guy in front of him gets out of his car to confront him and big boy tries to pull a move and ends up causing his girl and himself to fall off of the bike. His moped makes contact with the green car and possibly the car coming from the other direction. The one I’m judging the most in this video is the girl, you got on the back of his moped, watched him try to road rage and he made you fall off the bike and looked like a complete loser the entire time yet you still stand by waiting for him to pick his bike back up? I can smell the desperation….to have her sugar daddy pay off her debt.

18 thoughts on “Idiot On Moped

  1. Could’ve been a lot worse, just the lady could’ve fallen off and that guy could’ve grabbed her and threw her in his car and took off with her before the scooter guy ever knew she fell off.

  2. So cringey embarrassing. Can’t believe he wasn’t shot or beat the shit out of by black driver. Then again it us retarded fellow Mericans showing off our IQ. Such douchebaggery wouldn’t be tolerated in Brazil.
    That girl needs to dump that retard man child…gawd I hope she’s on birth control.
    She’d be much better off with a vibrator, and full time job.

  3. @littlefoot
    Don’t be jealous cuz you ain’t got no sugar daddy πŸ˜‘
    Btw, my scooter just got out of the shop… got some sweet ass flames painted along the sides… wanna go for a ride πŸ›΅ 😏

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