Hostage Taker Gets A Bullet After Hostage Plays Dead

Sorry guys, I’m gonna be catching up on the posts I missed posting last week. This happened a month ago and got lost in my files. Three men attempted to rob a lottery house in the neighborhood of Gloria, West Zone of Manaus, Brazil. Police were called immediately by witnesses and when they arrived gunfire broke out between them and the robbers. During the back and forth.. two of the robbers were shot mutiple times. The other grabbed one of the lottery house employees and took her as a hostage. And when you live in Brazil.. you have to be prepared at all times and expect that you’re going to be in a situation like this I guess. Because she handled it like a pro. The female hostage pretended to pass out and went limp. The robber couldn’t hold her up and she dropped to the floor which gave police a clear shot at the robber. Once they shoot him the girl gets up and runs. The hostage taker died on the spot. The other two robbers were taken to a local hospital where they both died.

19 thoughts on “Hostage Taker Gets A Bullet After Hostage Plays Dead

  1. I think she’s a bad ass bitch. She stayed calm, pretended to faint, then clubbed him in the head and ran.
    As for the peckerwood robbers, that must have been their first time, because nobody can be that dumb, and slow. and stay in the business long.

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