20 People Killed At Kerch Polytechnic College

On Wednesday, October 17, 2018.. an 18-year-old named Vladislav Roslyakov killed 20 people when he set off an explosion and then went on a shooting rampage at the Kerch Polytechnic College on the Crimean Peninsula. The video shows Roslyakov as he enters the college with a bag full of weapons and ammo. It also showed the moment of the explosion he set off. As of now, 20 people, including 15 students and five college staff members ..were killed. Over 50 more people were wounded. The teenager commited suicide in the library. Police interviewed one of Roslyakov’s friends who said he hated the college and all of the evil people in it and regularly talked about taking revenge on them. Police believe he was trained by someone before the attack and are looking for an accomplice.

24 thoughts on “20 People Killed At Kerch Polytechnic College

  1. The guy felt ecstatic being on a shooting spree . One of the hellish
    questionable part is as to how there wasn’t a security cheek point to confiscate what he moved around with , with so much ease as if there was a fender stratocaster he entered slinging around in to the college premises to rock on the titsy babes .
    College has gotta answer for some severe security lapses

  2. @braziliangurl the male whore has got a hand covering that polo so can’t figure out what the word or the lettering is .BTW who cares what he came wearing in and out to his self liquidation for the asking with . He sucked away lives of 20 innocent people and that was tremendously horrific.
    God bless the ones whose souls he made departed and now he is resting in hell ringing gongs Devils Bells and balls

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