Big Lady With Plumber`s Crack Beats Up Woman

Big Lady With Plumber`s Crack Beats Up Woman

I’m feeling feisty so let’s watch a big woman push around another woman. The big lady with her nasty ass crack sticking out is mad because the more attractive one was texting her man. Are we really shocked? Every time there’s drama whether it’s fights, vandalism or murder it’s often over a significant other. I think her pants are falling off because they say love and that chick ain’t showing love….or maybe it’s trying to escape the stench of her swampy crotch that’s probably all heated up because she walked up two stairs. The other girl is just taking the abuse and doesn’t fight back much. And did I hear piggy say the other girl was pregnant? That’s smart. Just another day in the land of ‘what is this world coming to’.

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48 thoughts on “Big Lady With Plumber`s Crack Beats Up Woman

  1. This right here,this was right in my eyes….Look,prego crackhead came to this bitches house starting shit..yeah,you may be pregnant,but your motherfucking face isnt bitch..i know niggas that would have stomped the bitches belly too…she should have left the first fucking time yo..legit fight imho…

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