Young Iraqi Teen Murdered For Looking Gay

Young Iraqi Teen Murdered For Looking Gay

Earlier this month a young 14 year old boy named Hamoudi al-Mutairi was brutally murdered in Baghdad, Iraq. The video of his murder went viral after his killers posted his last few minutes of life where he called out for his mother. Hamoudi was stabbed repeatedly until his guts were exposed and falling on the ground as you can see in the video. While he lay dying the men shouted anti-gay slurs and asked who his boyfriend was and this killing was strictly because they thought he looked gay. There’s no information on if they knew him beforehand or not but the way things go over there they probably just took one look and decided he needed to die. He seemed to be fairly active on social media with filtered selfies but bottom line is these sick fucks tortured and killed an innocent kid because of how he looked. It’s one thing to not approve of someone’s lifestyle, although I personally couldn’t give two shits what consenting adults do behind closed doors, but it’s another to take the life of someone because you don’t agree with it. This isn’t surprising considering the location but word has gotten out and people across the world are outraged as they should be. This is where the focus should be…for the people who truly have no freedom or rights, not the crybabies who live in a first world country and want to boohoo that someone said something that hurt their feelings.

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    • Too true. ISIS is filled with homos and they keep them fighting by taping them fucking and saying they will expose them if they ever leave.

      Kid is gay as fuck yet what they did is abysmal. Kids are sacred. Fourteen and crying for his mother! The perps need to be strung up by the balls with piano wire and we will see if they are tough guys. Disgusting!

      • Yes, I read too and saw the video news of ISIS commanders raping forced recruits and threatening to expose the rape video to their families. If there IS a “Satan”…Pislam is “Satan”‘s “Religion.”

        Yeah, being fruity shouldn’t be a horrid death sentence. They(ISIS&other extremist death cults) lash out on what they are afraid THEY ARE. A normal person isn’t violently offended by some gay person minding their own business.

      • @theluvmuscle , because pink has allways been a feminine color in every aspect, and I see wearing as being form of men to express their feminitiy. I’ve asked personally men that does wear pink (yes, I voice this even in the outside and directly to them) and although they claim that it’s to please women because “women likes it”, to me it just makes me question their sexuality and inner security, as well for the sexuality and intelligence of women that think they look “cute” wearing it. It just feels like an act of desperation rather than a “hit” for women. Why not settle to represent their own masculinity and allow quality women to accept them for what they were born as?

        We’re leaving in this sick age of progression where everything, including morality and rationality is scrambled… there’s no clear preception of what’s right and what’s wrong anymore. The (((one’s in power with big noses))) ensured that the nuclear family would be destroyed as well as their religious beliefs, since christianity strongly opposes to sodomy. Today there’s not many true christians left otherwise non of it would even be accepted, because christianity itself has been infiltrated and taken appart by (((them))), and so homosexuality is now encouraged, and I believe men that wears pink (unironically at least) are advertisers of that degeneracy, as a sign of their own “progressivism” manifestating… as a sign of their own defeat and weakness.

        Sorry for the long post, but I needed to make it clear. πŸ˜†
        I’ll just leave this here too.

        • I’ll agree with you in the sense that liberals, progressives, socialists, etc. trying to force their agendas down the throats of all of us is sickening and bullshit and ought to be opposed at every instance. They have become the fascists of todays times. There is no reasoning or logical discussion to be had with them as it it all simply anger and emotion in opposition to the reality that todays civilization, of which they are so comfortable living in and with, hypocritically, was attained and won through the civilizing barbarity of “the stronger win out over the weaker” in the reality of life… As the Greeks and Romans understood so well. Sometimes cruelty, early death and slaughter has to be understood as a condition of life on our planet… genetics, the will to live, survive and thrive, competition, the attainment of whatever is our human destiny that we constantly strive for. We are beasts still. The idiot liberals cannot fathom the human condition and believe that we are at the height of human prowess and condition now. That because they say so, it is time for us all to lie down like sheep and accept their idea of heaven on earth right now and succumb to their mastery of our fates… and for us to become slug like and accept their denial of our humanity. Our humanbeingness, animalistic and what God intended for us to be… Strivers, forever in the search for something better for all of us.
          There. But I still feel bad for that boy. It was unnecessary and bullshit.

  1. Usually id say fuck him,because he’s a sandnigger..BUT on account that im somewhat tipsy,and the fact that he WAS a kid,I’m NOT going there with this one…infact,I’m not even going to watch this one,because FUCK THAT,you NEVER hurt a child,ever! Well maybe if they tried killing me first,i might attack back..but no..NO NO NO NO!! You don’t kill fucking kids yo,ever!…fuck these sandnigger faggots!! Making this poor boy call for his mama! I hope they meet theirs soon too…for fucks sake..fuck!

  2. “This is where the focus should be…for the people who truly have no freedom or rights, not the crybabies who live in a first world country and want to boohoo that someone said something that hurt their feelings.”

    God DAMMIT, thank you for this. 1000x this.

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