Man Murdered In India

Man Murdered In India

Two men are captured fighting in the middle of a public street in India but who knows what the fight is over. It could be over a woman or someone stole the other’s curry but it was enough to set one guy off to grab a weapon and attack. The guy in red, who looks to be defending himself more than actually wanting to fight, is already bleeding and seems a bit disoriented as the other is yelling and trying to get at him again. The victim tries running away but with little luck and is attacked again trying to push off the crazy one and while others try to step in to help, they don’t do much. The video cuts to the victim on the ground and the man just goes to town swinging on his head. A lot of men run up and try to push or even kick the guy away but quickly run off probably not wanting the attention turned on them. Eventually, everyone just watches as the killer finishes the job and did anyone else notice that cop car driving past? Way to go po po, you really stepped up in an emergency situation. The victim is still twitching a little bit but it’s not long before he’s completely dead and the cameraman goes in for a close up. It’s actually kind of scary how so many people were around yet still the guy ended up dead. Even in the US if you call to report that you see someone attacking another person they’ll often tell you to find a safe place to hide out until help arrives. I’d hate to be getting stabbed to death or beat up while I can see and hear others around but I’m still getting murdered. This is why I treat everyone like they’re a potential crazy person ready to snap any moment so I generally try to not start shit with anyone.

Edit: Thank you to @beelzebub for finding additional info!!! Revenge killing…so not over curry. I’m a little disappointed ☹️

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  1. Anybody notice that uncoordinated idiot in the blue shirt fall face first after trying to stab the victim at the beginning of the video? Pay attention to him, then that same idiot gets up and goes running after the victim and falls again 😂
    That kind of stuff is just funny to me!

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