Man Attacked By Pet Lion In Mexico

On Sunday, October 7, 2018.. a man in Juarez, Mexico was attacked by a female lion that he was keeping as a pet in his backyard. Um, ok, that’s smart. He was also keeping a pet tiger inside the same cage as the lioness. I’m not sure what provoked the lion to attack the man but she left him critically injured but alive. In the second photo below, you can see the lioness with blood on her mouth and paws. Authorities in Mexico are finding more and more lions and tigers being kept as pets in Mexico lately. Drug traffickers seem to think it’s cool to have a pet tiger you can walk on a leash. What happened to just having a cool car?

24 thoughts on “Man Attacked By Pet Lion In Mexico

  1. On the web you have all these cute vids of Lions coming and kissing and nuzzling their owners /handlers all the time; even when released back in the wild.

    I get they have raised them from cubs but my cat loves me too. Yet when he goes apeshit he can claw like anything. So you are always risking it with such a bigger animal!

  2. Late as hell as always.but mike tyson did have a real life tiger way before he was in movies.he was crazy like that.back in the day…he was crazy before crazy was cool..and i remember footage of him loving his kitty in person at his mansion..

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