The Bridge: Documentary On The Golden Gate Bridge Suicide Jumpers

So I took a little birthday vacation this past week, and thankfully @littlefoot did a great job posting like.. non stop. And thank you to everyone who wished me a happy birthday!πŸ€—

Anywho… thanks to @BornToRun who made a comment awhile back about the Golden Gate Bridge jumpers.. it reminded me of this documentary. The Bridge is a 2006 documentary about one of the most popular suicide spots in the world, the Golden Gate Bridge in San Francisco, California. Since the bridge opened in 1938.. there have been nearly 1,700 suicides. In 2004, the film crew for The Bridge filmed over 10,000 hours worth of footage and caught 23 of the 24 suicides that year. The filmmaker attempts to delve into the minds of several of the jumpers and tries to figure out exactly what lead to their deaths. He interviews family members and friends of the jumpers. There are also interviews with eyewitnesses who saw the suicides as they happened. Survivor, Kevin Hines, is also interviewed and gives details about what went through his mind the moment he jumped. It’s a 92 minute documentary and definitely worth watching.

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  1. That truly was an awesome Documentary my good R G Sister, @Nextie
    I Love good real-life documentaries like this, and find they are a great contribution, & Addition to this always growing, and evolving Gore Site.
    Well Done Girl. πŸ™‚

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